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blueglobe® with multiple inlet in size M32

Cable glands with three inlets offer up to 55 % greater sealing range

With the blueglobe® with multiple inlet, PFLITSCH offers plant engineers and machine makers the highest degree of flexibility. Customers often ask how they can securely seal cables of very different thicknesses. The sealing insert has three inlets, which can be removed successively to suit the cable size using just a screwdriver. This means that cables with diameters of 10 mm to 25 mm can be fed reliably through the M32 cable gland. For the M25: 6 mm to 20 mm. These special sealing inserts manufactured in high-grade TPE increase the already large sealing range of the blueglobe® by around 50 %.

Advantages for the user at a glance:

  • The most commonly used cables can be reliably installed using only one size of cable gland
  • The required sealing range can be configured in seconds without the need for any special tool
  • Minimised ordering and storage costs
  • Simplified installation and reduced article maintenance requirements

What industries benefit in particular from the advantages of blueglobe® with multiple inlet:

  • Automation
  • Machine making
  • Electrical engineering

Are additional safety measures against cable pull-out necessary?

blueglobe® with multiple inlet achieves very high strain relief up to Class B as defined in EN 62444, making additional safety measures to prevent cables being pulled out superfluous in most cases. blueglobe® excels through its spherical sealing insert, which nestles gently up to a large area of the cable circumference and thus avoids irreparably indenting or cutting into the cable sheath.

What advantages does the blueglobe® cable gland with multiple inlet offer?

  • High ingress protection type IP 68 up to 15 bar
  • Ensures a reliable, durable seal
  • Available in brass as well as in stainless steel grades AISI 303 (V2A) and AISI 316Ti (V4A)
  • Large operating temperature range of -40 °C to +130 °C

The new sealing inserts are also available as slit versions to allow quick and easy installation of preassembled cables and as closed versions to give more protection against dust during transport. The advantage: no need to use blank discs. Fire protection versions that satisfy the requirements of the fire protection standard EN 45545 round off the portfolio of products.

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