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Pressure equalisation elements to prevent the formation of condensation water inside housings

Kabelverschraubung DAE PFLITSCH

Damaging condensation water can form in housings that are subject to large temperature fluctuations. At the same time, pressures can build up and place extra load upon housing seals. As a result: components can become damaged and contaminants can enter the housing. The new pressure equalisation elements (DAE) from PFLITSCH can very effectively prevent this from occurring: they ensure continuous ventilation – the passage of air both into and out of the housing – so that the pressure difference never exceeds the sealing capacity (leakage limit) of the housing seal (average 70 mbar).

An overview of the features:

  • Available in brass, stainless steel and polyamide
  • For temperature ranges of -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Protection classes IP 66, IP 68 and IP 69 in accordance with IEC 60529
  • Available with various airflow values
  • Hydrophobic or oleophobic diaphragm
  • UV resistant
  • Compact design
  • UL approval and Ex versions available
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