PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system for cable protection

The new corrugated conduit system for reliable protection and EMC shielding

PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system
PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system
PFLITSCH ProTect for cable protection
PFLITSCH ProTect for cable protection

Reliable cable protection has become indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering to ensure safe and reliable processes. The main focus here is on protection against

  • mechanical stress,
  • chemical and thermal stress,
  • weather-related influences; and on the other hand, to provide dependable EMC shielding of the cables, so that you can rule out interference caused by electromagnetic radiation.

Only by employing effective cable protection in these areas can production downtimes – and the associated commercial losses – be reliably avoided.

PFLITSCH cable protection for seamless safety

With ProTect and ProTect EMC, PFLITSCH offers you a sophisticated and perfectly coordinated system for seamless cable protection. Consisting of flexible corrugated conduits and compatible fittings, the range protects cables along their route to an enclosure or control cabinet, as well as in the cable entries into such enclosures. At the same time, the ProTect components offer protective properties for the toughest of demands.

The right solution for every application

Owing to its outstanding quality and durability, the ProTect range is suitable for truly demanding industrial applications. And thanks to numerous possible combinations of components, you will always find the right solution for any application you may have.

  • Mechanical and plant engineering demand mechanical and chemical resistance, but also reliable system tightness and long-term stability.
  • In automation and robotics, on the other hand, the system components must be able to withstand the dynamic movements of industrial robots and offer high torsional strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • The railway industry requires products that can stand up to extreme external influences such as impacts, heat, cold and UV radiation, while at the same time comply with the fire protection standards laid down in EN 45545-2.

Ideally equipped for special challenges

The PFLITSCH product range convinces with the following features:

  • Solutions with EMC protection available
  • Protection of the cable against mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses
  • Excellent tightness of seal
  • Additional strain relief (with UNI ProTect solutions)
  • Solutions in proven PFLITSCH quality
  • Simple, fast and process-safe installation thanks to a patented locking system

PFLITSCH ProTect: Cable protection system



Corrugated conduits: as robust as possible, as flexible as necessary

The PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system comprises eight different types made of high-quality polyamide, each available in fine and coarse profile variants.

What makes PFLITSCH corrugated conduits so impressive

  • Designed to satisfy the high demands of mechanical and plant engineering, automation and robotics, the automotive industry, shipbuilding and railway engineering
  • Approved for operating temperatures from –40 °C to +105 °C, the high-temperature version even up to +150 °C
  • Resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses
  • Good weather and UV resistance
  • Depending on the variant, extremely flexible for routing cables through the tightest of radii
  • Some versions satisfy the strict requirements of fire protection regulation EN 45545-2 for rail vehicles

Fittings: Standard versions that already set standards

In combination with the corrugated conduit, PFLITSCH ProTect fittings ensure seamless cable protection and reliable cable entry. They do so by making secure and durable connections between corrugated conduits and machine enclosures, fuse boxes and components.

  • Suitable for all PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduits with a fine and coarse profile
  • Long-lasting shock- and vibration-proof connections
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis and oils
  • Compliance with flammability rating UL 94 V-0
  • Designed for the temperature range from –40 °C to +105 °C, briefly up to +150 °C
  • Halogen- and cadmium-free and RoHS-compliant

The fittings are available in three different versions:

  • The basic variant that fulfils type of protection IP 66.
  • The variant with an additional sealing ring that fulfils protection ratings IP 68 and IP 69.
  • The PFLITSCH UNI ProTect version that provides additional sealing of the cable installed in the corrugated conduit in accordance with protection class IP 68, plus strain relief for the cable.

Fit for demanding EMC applications

The combination of corrugated conduit and fitting with integrated EMC solution is used in applications that require additional EMC shielding. This is the case when electromagnetic interference is to be kept out of a system or machine in which the cables used have their own shielding braid but braid that doesn’t offer sufficient EMC protection. This solution is perfect for use, for example, whenever you need to protect sensitive measuring instruments or control system components in automated production facilities. We have four solutions in our portfolio that are tailored to specific application areas.

Corrugated conduit with internal EMC metal braiding

A special highlight of the ProTect range is the corrugated conduit with internal EMC metal braiding. This has been designed for applications where installations with cables without their own shielding braid are to be protected against electromagnetic interference. Its unique customer benefits open up a whole range of highly specific applications:

  • Protection of sensitive components against electromagnetic interference through the cable by means of EMC shielding (e.g. sensors and sensor cables on robot arms)
  • Reliable EMC protection along the entire length of the corrugated conduit
  • Protection of sensitive external components from the magnetic field of the cable
  • Quick and simple upgrading of cables without shielding braid
  • Compatible with standard fittings without a sealing element and elbows

ProTect EMC fitting based on UNI Interference Suppression Dicht

  • EMC solution with high screening attenuation based on the proven UNI Interference Suppression Dicht
  • Customisation to your application using the UNI Dicht modular system
  • Attractive price-performance ratio

ProTect EMC fitting based on UNI HF Dicht

  • Reliable and effective EMC shielding thanks to the spring contact of the UNI HF Dicht – also with larger cable diameters
  • Quick and easy assembly with a continuous cable sheath that doesn’t need to be stripped – saving you time and money
  • Customisation to your application using the UNI Dicht modular system

ProTect EMC fitting based on UNI Dicht Multiple TRI

  • Reliably shielding several cables with just one fitting thanks to TRI springs – even several cables with different diameters
  • Even more effective EMC shielding thanks to maximum screening attenuation and a high current-carrying capacity
  • Customisation to your requirements by configuring the hole pattern in line with the customer’s wishes
  • Space-saving installation as several cables can be installed in a single corrugated conduit with just one fitting in the smallest of spaces


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