VARiOX-Trunking from PFLITSCH –
quick and economical cable layouts.

The standard for standard applications

VARiOX-Trunking delivers exactly what the name promises. As a simple and flexible solution for industrial cable layouts, it is predestined for standard applications in mechanical, plant or electrical engineering. Our VARiOX-Trunking meets the high standards of quality and flexibility that are essential in order to route different numbers of cables safely, whether through individual machines or an entire plant.

Catalogue Cable Trunking – 5 VARiOX
Catalogue Cable Trunking – 5 VARiOX


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Few components – many options

One particular advantage of the VARiOX range is that it is comprised of only a few system components, so that procurement, stocking and assembly are easier and less expensive. Yet you can realise highly individual routes tailored to your wishes and requirements in spite of this.

Advantages you can enjoy

Innovative and economical cable trunking system

Manageable variety of components for perfect planning, easy handling and rapid installation

Simple, quick and economical assembly using VARiOX quick connectors

VARiOX quick connectors cleverly invert to allow snap-in or screwed assembly of trunking components

VARiOX modular system with a wide range of sizes and accessory fittings

Optimised material thicknesses and component lengths of only 2,000 mm

Lightweight yet robust design as well as more efficient ordering, stocking and assembly

Easy pre-assembly using PFLITSCH machines and tools

Sizes and shapes

The VARiOX system consists of straight trunking sections 2,000 mm long in four different cross sections and with a solid or perforated base:

  • 100 mm x 100 mm
  • 150 mm x 100 mm
  • 200 mm x 100 mm
  • 300 mm x 100 mm

Various 90° accessory fittings, tee connections, end caps and connectors are also available to match. With just 42 components, the VARiOX range is designed to be manageable, minimising the cost of ordering, stocking and assembly for you.


PFLITSCH manufactures VARiOX from high-grade, zinc-plated sheet steel. The cable trunking modules have a wall thickness of 0.8 or 1.0 mm depending on the profile size, so that the trunking is light yet still retains its shape.

Clever details

What makes VARiOX-Trunking so unique is the innovative VARiOX quick connector. In addition to a handy connecting element, you also acquire a tool for building cable layouts easily and in no time. No other tools are required.

You can open the cover of the VARiOX over its total length, to make it easier to insert cables or carry out maintenance or repair work on the cable installation. The self-locking cover can be simply clipped onto the cable trunking body and removed again at any time without using tools.

Expand your options

VARiOX-Trunking can be installed as a stand-alone system. However, you can also combine it flexibly with all components and accessories in the PFLITSCH Industrial-Trunking range to include features such as edge protection. This compatibility gives you almost unlimited options for variable trunking layouts.

Machines and tools for cutting VARiOX-Trunking


To facilitate your own installation of VARiOX-Trunking, various machines and tools are available from PFLITSCH for machining and cutting trunking to length quickly and easily. Our new range of machines lets you work with ease to professional standards:

  • MultiCut: Can be individually adapted by incorporating different cutting contours into one cutting plate. Available with a manual or automatic drive.

  • MaxiCut: With optimised, durable cutting plates and a height-adjustable tabletop for maximum working convenience.

To our machines


Our portfolio includes special tools such as release tools as well as suitable accessories for a variety of activities like releasing cable trunking or punching recesses. They enable this kind of work to be carried out much faster, more easily, more accurately and more safely than if a conventional saw or angle grinder is used.

To our tools

Made-to-measure fastenings

For the simple and safe installation of cable trunking systems in almost any environment, we have put together a range of high-quality fastenings that is constantly being expanded and is suitable for all PFLITSCH cable trunking. The system is made from high-grade steel or stainless steel and is designed for installation on the floor, ceiling or wall. It does away with the need for expensive DIY solutions and greatly reduces installation times. The high stability of our tried-and-tested fastenings allows wider support spacing, so that installation effort and expense are minimised.

Component assembly service: more efficiency all the way from planning to implementation

The PFLITSCH component assembly service is increasingly popular among cost-conscious users. We plan, configure and supply ready-to-install VARiOX-Trunking assemblies, which we piece together for you to build the required routing. We can also install them directly on your premises on request. The bottom line for you: significantly shorter processing times as well as optimised system planning, so that you are free to concentrate on your core competencies.