Sheet nibbler

You can remove prepunched base openings surprisingly easily with the aid of the sheet nibbler – without any need for an angle grinder (which would be extremely cumbersome). This tool cuts the amount of time required to install cable trunking components and lateral edge protectors.

Hole punching tool

The hole punching tool is used to punch low-burr holes in side walls of the PIK-Trunking (up to 1.5-mm thick) for the detents of the vibration-resistant edge protectors and various sizes of connecting hole. The stop facilitates precise punching and the tool is immediately ready for use again after each punching operation.

Radius pliers

Sharp corners and edges left after cutting to length or reworking trunking can be quickly and easily rounded off again using PFLITSCH radius pliers in order to eliminate any risk of injury.

Rapid fixing tool

The rapid fixing tool has a dual function: it can be used to quickly and easily open standard fasteners on Industrial-Trunking and also to lift and open covers of PIK-Trunking.

Open-ended wrench/flexible-head socket wrench

To enable you to screw in and unscrew the hexagon bolts frequently used to install trunking, we have added this practical combined wrench to our product range. It enables you to get at bolts positioned in inaccessible places. The wrench is available in sizes 10 mm and 13 mm.

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