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Retaining clips for all PIK-Trunking sizes

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PFLITSCH offers a range of practical fastenings for PIK-Trunking. Retaining clips allow all sizes of PIK-Trunking to be installed quickly and conveniently.

Compensate for unevenness: no problem with PFLITSCH fastenings

An important advantage offered by retaining clips is that they can compensate for unevenness of the supporting surface. Thus PIK-Trunking can be easily and neatly installed on surfaces that are not absolutely flat and even. Likewise, retaining clips provide a simple way of adjusting the alignment of PIK-Trunking.

Simple principle – greatest possible flexibility

These retaining clip supports also allow PIK-Trunking without holes in its body to be used because the trunking is simply clipped into the retaining clips. In this way, PIK-Trunking can be installed without screws, which avoids the risk of cables being damaged by any sharp edges on screw heads.

What types of retaining clips are available?

Retaining clips can be obtained for all available PIK-Trunking widths of 15 mm to 200 mm.

Advantages of retaining clips for PIK-Trunking at a glance:

  • Convenient solution for quick and easy installation
  • Fastens PIK-Trunking securely in position, even on irregular surfaces
  • Simple adjustment of the alignment of PIK-Trunking
  • Multiple holes in the clips offer flexible positioning of the substrate support points
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant, stainless spring steel
  • Reliable equipotential bonding through the serrated claws on the retaining clips
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