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EMC-Trunking system – cables reliably shielded

The new EMC-Trunking
The new EMC-Trunking

Increasing automation is leading to the growing use of electronics and wireless communications devices. This is accompanied by an increase in electromagnetic risk – at the same time as signal levels are reducing and components are becoming more sensitive.

How can this electromagnetic risk be minimised?

Based on many years of experience, PFLITSCH has developed the EMC-Trunking system, an efficient solution for challenging applications in which cables have to be routed in an EMC-safe manner.
In addition to the choice and thickness of material, another special feature of the PFLITSCH EMC-Trunking system is the screwed connections at a maximum spacing of 50 mm along the trunking components. They ensure that the joints between the body, cover and accessory fittings have no or very small gaps. As a result, very little electromagnetic interference can occur as a result of coupling. Cables laid in EMC-trunking are much better protected against interference from external sources. PFLITSCH EMC-Trunking achieves a magnetic attenuation of 18 dB in the test laboratory. This is two-and-a-half times higher than the value achieved by standard Industrial-Trunking.

What advantages does an EMC-Trunking system offer?

  • 18 dB better magnetic screening attenuation compared with an unprotected arrangement of cables
  • Two-and-a-half times higher screening attenuation (8 dB) than the value achieved by standard Industrial-Trunking
  • Optional EMC test report for the customer's records
  • Complete documentation of the component assembly, itemised parts list to make installation easier
  • Can be used in combination with PFLITSCH EMC cable glands



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