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New Wire-tray Trunking Z-shape system

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The new Wire-tray Trunking Z-shape allows the hygiene-compliant routeing of cables, hoses and lines. This product finds application in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries – in situations where regular and thorough cleaning must take place and high corrosion resistance is required. Thanks to the Z-shaped profile, cables laid unsecured remain in place during high-pressure cleaning. Safe routeing is also ensured even when cables are installed vertically. There is no need to additionally fix cables in place with cable ties.

Advantages of the Wire-tray Trunking Z-shape

  • Hygiene-compliant routeing of cables, hoses and lines
  • Cables cannot fall out, even when installed vertically
  • Bevelled wire ends and a special welding technique make Wire-tray Trunking safe and strong.
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