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Variable partition retainers

PFLITSCH Kabelfuehrung K04

The variable partition retainers for Industrial-Trunking are a simple and precise means of routeing cables separately in the same trunking cross section. This is called for wherever, for example, cables for energy supply and data transmission or hoses for fluid and air have to be routed separately in the same trunking cross section. The partition retainers are freely positionable in the trunking and are available in sizes 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm.

Advantages of variable partition retainers

  • A simple and flexible way of separating cables etc. in trunking
  • Standard trunking is suitable for two variable partition retainers
  • Can also be used to connect cable trunking bodies
  • Press-fitted top hat nuts allow quick and easy installation



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