Keyvisual PFLITSCH Hückeswagen

“Beruf + Familie”

Excellent initiative for a higher quality of life and work

PFLITSCH was awarded the basic certificate in the "berufundfamilie" work and family audit in 2005. Since then we have put many creative ideas into action. This special commitment was reaudited in 2008, 2012 and 2015.

In the meantime, many of these measures have been integrated into our everyday operations and our corporate culture, with its high standards of social responsibility, would be unthinkable without it. The actions include:

  • Comprehensive health management
  • Establishment of a social contact partner and an external employee counselling service
  • Flexible working hours and portable workstations
  • Contribution to childcare costs
  • Family parties
  • Old-age provisions
  • Work + care
  • Regional events for young people, such as Girls' Day or school holiday activities in cooperation with the local Hückeswagen Council.

Thanks to our strategically designed family and life-phase-oriented personnel policy, we were able to complete another audit in 2018 successfully. The result of our work: the awarding of the berufundfamilie certificate with a permanent character.

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