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Deeply rooted in the region: strengthening the location with a new PFLITSCH logistics centre

roofing ceremony AKL tree planting
roofing ceremony AKL

“By now it ought to be a well-known fact in Hückeswagen that PFLITSCH likes to build”, commented Mathias Stendtke, managing partner, on the construction of the new logistics centre on the company's premises in Ernst-Pflitsch Strasse. Following a construction period of twelve months, the automated small parts warehouse was officially inaugurated on Friday 14.07.17 in the presence of employees, city officials, the architect, the construction company and the contractors involved in construction.

With 30,000 bin storage spaces, the automated small parts warehouse maintains a stock of thousands of system components for various cable glands. The objective is to supply customers with standard products on a just-in-time basis, thereby further improving the delivery performance of PFLITSCH. Furthermore, an assembly zone has also been incorporated into the building in which customer-specific orders for cable glands can be picked and assembled before being dispatched.

In order to be able to realise the new logistics centre at the Hückeswagen site, it was first necessary to create space for it. Subsequently, the Incoming Goods and Cable Gland Dispatch departments, together with the hose warehouse, parking spaces and social areas that were affected by construction, had to be moved. Various buildings also had to be demolished and part of the existing warehouse transferred to Bergisch-Born. “In a construction time of one year we have constructed an area of 1,158 square metres on our building plot of approx. 2,450 square metres. Ninety three truckloads of concrete were required to cast the foundation slab and approx. 5,200 cubic metres of earth had to be moved in advance. This equates to 435 truckloads”, reported Roland Lenzing, managing partner. To provide extinguishing capability in the event of a fire, a sprinkler tank – which measures four metres in height, has an internal diameter of 14 metres and contains 500 cubic metres of water – was constructed beneath the building.

It was possible to adhere to the outline construction schedule and inauguration of the new automated small parts warehouse can fortunately now take place. “We would like to thank our neighbours for their patience and understanding during the construction period which, unfortunately, has not yet come to an end. Now that the external shell has been erected, work continues on fitting out the interior. As a strong symbol of growth, durability and belief in the future, we will today plant a sweet gum tree that has been donated by our architect, Heinz Thelen. True to the motto ‘A man doesn't plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity’, we want to show how strong our connection with the Hückeswagen location really is”, summarised Mathias Stendtke.

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