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SMM Hamburg: product solutions for marine applications made by PFLITSCH

Kabelverschraubung Blueglobe TRI NM CR Marine

From 04.09 to 07.09.2018 PFLITSCH will participate in this year's SMM fair in Hamburg for the first time. With topics such as electrical engineering, marine and port technology, it attracts all those who want to shape the future of the industry and communicate with the key players. The event is the industry's leading trade show and the exhibited products are as diverse as shipping is challenging.

What ist the focus of this fair?

The topic "shipping" covers many different aspects: It starts with small yachts and ends with big carrier vessels. It concerns the transport of goods and cruise liners for people, shipyards and maritime services, systems for correct navigation and emission monitoring of internal combustion engines. The list is long and similarly diverse are the product categories of the SMM: ships, machine components, shipyard equipment, ship equipment in general, propulsion system, propeller, maneuvering devices, stabilizers, ports and port technology – all this is just an excerpt of the represented product categories.

Working on the high seas – the ultimate challenge for components?

On the high seas, it can get very rough. For this reason, it is all the more important that the components used in the area of ​​cable entry ensure reliable sealing. The salt water and saline air in open waters and coastal areas lead to corrosion. Due to increasing electromagnetic radiation and the increasing sensitivity of electronic components, the topic of EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) is also gaining importance devices for navigation, which fail due to electromagnetic interference, can lead to fatal consequences. The catalog of requirements for the installed components is correspondingly long.

Why do we participate?

For years, PFLITSCH has been supplying companies in the industry with reliable product solutions for safe cable entry. By participating in this industry-specific trade fair, we present ourselves and our product solutions to an even wider audience. Particularly in the field of EMC, PFLITSCH offers with the blueglobe TRI® a cable gland with a sophisticated shielding concept, which reliably seals.

Product in focus: blueglobe TRI® NM/Cr.

At this fair our blueglobe TRI® NM/Cr. stand in the foreground. This special chrome-plated brass cable gland is tailor-made for the requirements of the high seas. It is available with metric connection thread according to DIN 60423 and DIN 89280 (marine). With regard to EMC, this cable gland convinces with many advantages. The 360 ​​° contact of the non-magnetic bronze spring ensures that ferromagnetic interference has no chance and even better shielding attenuation values ​​can be achieved. An attenuation of 65 dB and a high current carrying capacity are further features of this special cable gland. Large sealing ranges, very good strain relief values and protection class IP 68 ​​are convincing when it comes to maritime applications.

Facts, figures and facts about the SMM

  • 2,200 0exhibitors
  • Ca. 50,000 visitors
  • 90,000 m² exhibition space
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