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PFLITSCH sends energy and data on its way – in machinery and equipment/vehicles

PFLITSCH sends energy and data on its way.

Machinery and equipment/vehicles

PFLITSCH is the trendsetter in the plant and mechanical engineering sector with its range of products and services: With cable glands from M4 for the thinnest sensor cables through to M120 for energy supply cables, PFLITSCH offers a uniquely versatile range of applications.

The multiple cable glands from the UNI Dicht system reduce both the number of parts needed and the space requirements, while EMC and ATEX types ensure a high degree of plant safety. Using splittable cable entries, cables that have been preassembled with plugs, sensors and actuators can be reliably fed into control cabinets and housings. By combining them with protective hoses, cables can be given allround mechanical protection, e.g. inside control boxes. The new UNI Dicht 2M now makes the high level of PFLITSCH quality available for large quantities too.

With its Industrial- and PIK-Trunking as well as Wire-tray Trunking, PFLITSCH offers an application-oriented range for the secure routeing of cables through machines and plants. Upon request, PFLITSCH can plan the machine-specific trunking routeing using CAD systems, provide readyto- install components and deliver them on-time and with a high level of cost transparency.

If cables run along the floor, e.g. in production cells, then the PFLITSCH Automobile-Trunking is ideal, with its ability to withstand loads of up to 1,200 N and anti-slip channelled sheet covering.

In the section “vehicles” PFLITSCH supplies manufacturers of fire appliances, cranes, motorhomes, boats and ships with high quality and reliable cable entries and cable trunking. The tightest seals, highest levels of reliability, corrosion protection, resistance to vibrations and long service life are decisive factors here, with EMC compatibility becoming increasingly important too.

New for mechanical and plant engineering: the PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system

In industrial applications, cable protection systems are confronted with a variety of challenges: tread resistance, mechanical resistance, system tightness and long-term stability are just the most obvious selection criteria. In addition, depending on the specialisation of the plant and machine manufacturers, there are complementary specifications that the cable protection materials must fulfil.
The PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system is a flexible system of corrugated conduits and matching fittings that always offers an ideal solution for a variety of applications.

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