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PFLITSCH promotes modern production processes – in robotics and automation

PFLITSCH promotes modern production processes.

PFLITSCH cord grips are widely used in robotics and automation.
Robotics and automation

In the area of process automation something is always on the move: The robots reach for the next product, the conveyor transports the next empty container into place and the industrial carousel turns the workpiece beneath the next processing station. So many processes that operate in parallel cause a great deal of vibration in the system. In this situation PFLITSCH cable glands ensure secure, tightly sealed cable routeing with a high degree of strain relief.

Mechanical protection of the cables using hoses and corrugated tubes demands that these are securely connected to the cable entry – as PFLITSCH does with its UNI Dicht system. Furthermore, the EMC cable glands ensure secure cable entry for shielded cables.

The new UNI Dicht 2M range is particularly suited for demanding applications which require large numbers of cable glands.

Energy, data and control cables – kept apart by separating walls in the same trunking – are routed to the production cell through PFLITSCH closed trunking systems. The cables are then fed to the sensors or drives using the Wire-tray Trunking for example.

New for automation/robotics: the PFLITSCH ProTect corrugated conduit system

Extremely dynamic movements and cable protection – with PFLITSCH ProTect, these two aspects can be combined. Particularly in the field of automation/robotics, system components have to be capable of withstanding the movements of industrial robots. For this reason, properties such as torsional strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance play an important role and are decisive selection criteria in automation and robotics.

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