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Certifications are indispensable for PFLITSCH because they are the basis for our company’s continuous improvement process.

Code of Conduct

PFLITSCH has been considering the options for a code of conduct vis-à-vis our business partners for quite some time and consequently signed up to the ZVIE Code of Conduct a few years ago.

This Code of Conduct is binding upon us. You can find the details on the ZVEI-Website.

ISO certification

Certificates such as ISO 9001 are fundamental to our quality management system in order to ensure customer satisfaction and process-oriented operations. Certification also helps us to be aware of opportunities for optimisation and to implement them. PFLITSCH first attained ISO certification in 1995.

Current ISO certificate

Certificate "Approved Place of Manufacture"

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute GmbH issued PFLITSCH the "Supervised Factory" certificate in 2019. The document confirms that the supervision of the production according to the European factory inspection procedure was carried out on the basis of the documents mentioned in the certificate.

Current certificate "monitored production facility"

General information about RoHS

From 21.07.2021, the RoHS 2 directives with their more stringent requirements are expected to come into force. In this connection, PFLITSCH has summarised information on the background to the changeover, effects on approvals and certifications as well as the internal changeover process with regard to article numbers in a short letter.

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