Top award: blueglobe CLEAN Plus Polyamide

Our new Hygienic Design development is among the winners of REINER! 2021, the Fraunhofer Institute’s clean technology award

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PFLITSCH feiert 100 Jahre PFLITSCH feiert 100 Jahre

PFLITSCH celebrates 100 years anniversary

Discover PFLITSCH and a 100-year success story. We invite you to celebrate with us!

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  • Industries

    Suitable cord grips and trunking systems for your industry

    Energy set in motion

    Nothing runs without energy. Energy must be set in motion for it to be able to move anything. In the case of electrical energy – in the form of power and data – it moves along various cables and wires. PFLITSCH helps you set the energy safely in motion for your products.

    Different industries have different requirements for their cable installations. Therefore PFLITSCH has developed products to ensure intelligent cable management specifically for each industry. We set standards with practical product solutions for cord grips, cable routing systems and cable entries in the following core industries:

    The versatility of application of PFLITSCH ideas and products means they find use all over the world in many other fields as standard or as special solutions.

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  • Railway industry

    PFLITSCH ensures mobility – in the railway industry

    PFLITSCH ensures safe transportation.

    Safe train travel with PFLITSCH cord grips
    Railway industry

    Railway traffic engineering places extremely high demands on all of the systems involved, because these are permanently exposed to wind and weather, dust and stone impact, intense vibrations and a wide range of temperatures. Locomotives and carriages must of course, function reliably over a long service life.

    For many years PFLITSCH has been setting the standards in this sector, supplying the railway industry with intelligent cord grip solutions. The proven UNI Dicht and blueglobe systems score highly with their high resistance to vibrations and stone impact, together with strain relief values that are far greater than the standard. PFLITSCH cable entries – including the splittable cord grip systems – naturally fulfil the current fire protection standard EN 45545-2: The sealing inserts made of the T80s material, together with the polyamide material of the UNI Flange® meet the highest HL3 requirements for unlimited use in trains – whether on the open track, in tunnels or at stations. In order to save space and weight, the UNI Dicht® Multiple cord grips are the perfect solution.

    The range is supplemented by proven cable trunking systems. For instance the compact PIK-Trunking is used to reliably route sensitive cables through rail vehicles.

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  • Chemical industry/oil and gas

    PFLITSCH plays it safe – in the chemical industry/oil and gas

    PFLITSCH plays it safe.

    In the production plants of the chemical industry and the oil & gas sector aspects such as temperature resistance, resistance to aggressive media and reliable explosion protection take centre stage.

    This is why PFLITSCH carries many ATEX cord grips in its range. These are approved for the application areas “G” (Gas) and “D” (Dust) in equipment class II and for ignition protection categories “e” (increased safety for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22) and “d” (flameproof enclosure). Because the degree of automation is steadily increasing in the oil and gas industry, the focus is shifting increasingly to the subject of EMC. PFLITSCH therefore, has also developed ATEX certified EMC cord grips which impress with the highest screening attenuation values.

    A further important issue is resistance to chemicals, e.g. against acids and alkalis. Moreover, all components have to be corrosion- and vibration- resistant: The cord grips are often applied in outdoor and offshore areas.

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  • Electrical industry

    PFLITSCH products are as individual as the application – in the electrical industry

    PFLITSCH products are as individual as the application.

    PFLITSCH is considered a technology leader in the electrical engineering industry. In addition to the requirement for tight sealing and good strain relief, individual usage and environmental conditions also play an important role here. Such individuality can be realised best of all using the UNI Dicht modular system. This offers many thousands of application-oriented, high Quality cord grips from M4 to M120.

    In order to enhance quality and minimise assembly times, an increasing number of manufacturers has come to depend upon preassembled cable-plug-sensor combinations. These can be easily and securely fed into control cabinets and housings using the splittable PFLITSCH solutions such as the UNI Flange and UNI Split Gland – naturally with high protection ratings and excellent strain relief characteristics.

    PFLITSCH is also setting standards in the EMC sector: The blueglobe TRI with its 360° triangular spring achieves screening attenuation levels that extend right through into the GHz range and is approved for Cat. 7A applications. With the combination of components and construction details from the UNI Dicht® and blueglobe ranges, PFLITSCH delivers customer- specific EMC solutions.

    It’s absolutely clear: PFLITSCH products fulfil all EU requirements and the relevant international directives applicable to cable entries.

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  • Energy: power station construction

    PFLITSCH is part of a secure energy supply – in energy generation and distribution

    PFLITSCH is part of a secure energy supply.


    One of the most important requirements in modern power station construction, in addition to operational reliability, is the ability to route cables of large cross-section. Furthermore, all components must be able to withstand the high operating temperatures. PFLITSCH offers the optimum solution with the UNI Dicht range of cord grips in sizes up to M120. These allow cables with diameters of up to 110 mm to be securely fed into switchgear cabinets or housings and ensure a long service life. However, cord grips from the blueglobe system – available in sizes up to M85 – are also used in these applications.

    Both ranges score – with their high current-carrying capacity and above average screening attenuation values – when it comes to the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

    Because energy generation and distribution plants must run reliably around the clock, those responsible cannot make compromises. They depend upon PFLITSCH quality with components made of high quality materials and long-life sealing concepts for indoor and outdoor applications alike. 

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  • Energy: sun and wind power stations

    PFLITSCH is a competent partner for sun and wind power stations – such as energy

    Competent partner for sun and wind power stations.

    Renewable energies, wind and solar

    The market for renewable energies is growing globally. The requirements on modern wind turbines are extremely high in respect of their service life, resistance to corrosion and vibration.

    PFLITSCH relies here on the UNI Dicht and blueglobe ranges – also manufactured from stainless steel for the offshore sector. In the area of control and inverter technology, manufacturers use our EMC cord grips.

    For the optimum feeding of cables through the tower and nacelle, different types of closed and open cable trunking are used, as is the Wire-tray Trunking.

    In solar power plants and photovoltaic installations, addressing the heat during the day and low temperatures at night is just as important as ensuring resistance to UV rays. PFLITSCH cord grips manufactured of high quality plastic PVDF defy these changeable weather conditions with their ability to withstand temperatures from -40 °C up to +150 °C.

    Using the open Wire-tray Trunking, cables can be securely routed from the panels to the inverter and can be led in and out of the trays at any location. Rainwater or dew can simply drain away.

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  • Food industry/pharmacy

    PFLITSCH scores in the hygiene department – in the food industry/pharmacy

    PFLITSCH scores in the hygiene department.

    Food industry/pharmacy

    Particularly high requirements are placed on manufacturing plants in the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. Special importance is placed on good corrosion protection, ease of cleaning and food authenticity. The subject of hygiene is of key significance. The build-up of deposits and contamination and the formation of bacteria must be minimised or prevented.

    PFLITSCH has developed and certified the blueglobe CLEAN Plus in accordance with the current EHEDG standards. This cord grip dispenses with cavities, gaps and open screw threads and impresses with its clean surfaces, the rounded wrench flats of its pressure screw and smooth contours. For the cord grip body PFLITSCH uses the high quality AISI 316L stainless steel that has become established in the food processing industry. The plastic compo-nents are approved by the FDA.

    The open Wire-tray Trunking has also become established as the standard for use in food processing technology as a result of its excellent adaptability and ease of cleaning. For special requirements, the Wire-tray Trunking can also be supplied with a roof-shaped cover, for example to protect cables against fluids dripping from above. Special hy-gienic brackets allow the Wire-tray Trunkings to be easily and securely mounted.

    PFLITSCH products are designed for high operating temperatures and excellent resistance to detergents.

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  • Machinery and equipment/vehicles

    PFLITSCH sends energy and data on its way – in machinery and equipment/vehicles

    PFLITSCH sends energy and data on its way.

    Machinery and equipment/vehicles

    PFLITSCH is the trendsetter in the plant and mechanical engineering sector with its range of products and services: With cord grips from M4 for the thinnest sensor cables through to M120 for energy supply cables, PFLITSCH offers a uniquely versatile range of applications.

    The multiple cord grips from the UNI Dicht system reduce both the number of parts needed and the space requirements, while EMC and ATEX types ensure a high degree of plant safety. Using splittable cable entries, cables that have been preassembled with plugs, sensors and actuators can be reliably fed into control cabinets and housings. By combining them with protective hoses, cables can be given allround mechanical protection, e.g. inside control boxes. The new UNI Dicht 2M now makes the high level of PFLITSCH quality available for large quantities too.

    With its Industrial- and PIK-Trunking as well as Wire-tray Trunking, PFLITSCH offers an application-oriented range for the secure routing of cables through machines and plants. Upon request, PFLITSCH can plan the machine-specific trunking routing using CAD systems, provide readyto- install components and deliver them on-time and with a high level of cost transparency.

    If cables run along the floor, e.g. in production cells, then the PFLITSCH Automobile-Trunking is ideal, with its ability to withstand loads of up to 1,200 N and anti-slip channeled sheet covering.

    In the section “vehicles” PFLITSCH supplies manufacturers of fire appliances, cranes, motorhomes, boats and ships with high quality and reliable cable entries and cable trunking. The tightest seals, highest levels of reliability, corrosion protection, resistance to vibrations and long service life are decisive factors here, with EMC compatibility becoming increasingly important too.

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  • Robotics and automation

    PFLITSCH promotes modern production processes – in robotics and automation

    PFLITSCH promotes modern production processes.

    PFLITSCH cord grips are widely used in robotics and automation.
    Robotics and automation

    In the area of process automation something is always on the move: The robots reach for the next product, the conveyor transports the next empty container into place and the industrial carousel turns the workpiece beneath the next processing station. So many processes that operate in parallel cause a great deal of vibration in the system. In this situation PFLITSCH cord grips ensure secure, tightly sealed cable routing with a high degree of strain relief.

    Mechanical protection of the cables using hoses and corrugated tubes demands that these are securely connected to the cable entry – as PFLITSCH does with its UNI Dicht system. Furthermore, the EMC cord grips ensure secure cable entry for shielded cables.

    The new UNI Dicht 2M range is particularly suited for demanding applications which require large numbers of cord grips.

    Energy, data and control cables – kept apart by separating walls in the same trunking – are routed to the production cell through PFLITSCH closed trunking systems. The cables are then fed to the sensors or drives using the Wire-tray Trunking for example.

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  • Telecommunication

    PFLITSCH ensures fast networking – in the telecommunication

    PFLITSCH ensures fast networking.


    The telecommunications sector intends to establish the 5G standard from 2020. In comparison with LTE systems, this is capable of transferring 30 times more data. Antenna systems, transmission masts, base stations on high-rise buildings etc. must be constructed such that this technology functions reliably under all weather conditions. PFLITSCH is globally active in this area because the long service life, tight sealing, UV resistance and international approvals of its products are a matter of course.

    The demand for PFLITSCH cord grips with slit sealing inserts for the installation of pre-assembled cables is increasing. This minimises on-site assembly time while simultaneously increasing quality and reliability. PFLITSCH can realise special solutions, thanks to its in-house development department with testing laboratory and its own metal and plastic processing facilities which ensure cost-effective conditions.

    PFLITSCH products are internationally certified, which means that they are approved worldwide by the industry’s global players for use by their component manufacturers. A particular challenge is the required delivery availability over a period of decades – which PFLITSCH guarantees.

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The PFLITSCH philosophy: Crossing frontiers by thinking and acting holistically

Passion for the best solution – is the slogan under which PFLITSCH acts successfully on the market and impresses customers worldwide with practical and safe product solutions in the field of industrial cable routeing. The PFLITSCH brand, with its striking hexagon, has an international reputation for "Made in Germany" quality with products that are exclusively manufactured in Germany.

Excellent performance

Our customers benefit from our customer-oriented industry approach and our comprehensive services. The success proves us right and is an essential key to the overall positive development of the company. The members of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation also found this and honored our commitment with the inclusion of PFLITSCH in the circle of finalist of the " Großen Preis des Mittelstandes" in 2018.

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