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PFLITSCH Cable Trunking: Single Wire System

Safely carries single cables

SWS for routing several single cables
SWS for routing several single cables
The open system fastens the cable with wire clips.
SWS system with wire clips

Where single cables are to be routed in a group and supported firmly without the use of trunking, the Single Wire System SWS from PFLITSCH offers a better alternative to cable ties, clamps, hoses or hook and eye fastener tape.

Your advantages:

  • Bendable VA stainless steel rod for robust, flexible cable routing support
  • Corrosion-resistant system
  • Easy to clean, open cable routing
  • Easy installation with VA stainless steel or plastic mounts

SWS consists of bendable and yet robust 5 mm support rods with open routing rings into which the cable is simply laid. Lines and hoses up to 16 mm can be safely accommodated – on straight sections or around corners. The support rods are attached with bolted-on plastic mounting plates or VA stainless steel mounts welded on to the machine body for example.

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Additional material is available in the download area Cable Trunking.