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The business premises in July 2015
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PFLITSCH has been a systems- and solutions-focused family-owned and managed company for almost 100 years. Technology and services expert. True to the slogan “Passion for the best solution”, the forward-looking medium-sized enterprise continues to win users in various industries with its new ways of thinking and proven product quality.

Demanding target markets include the railway industry, chemical industry/pharmacy, electrical industry, energy production and distribution, renewable energies (wind), renewable energies (solar), food industry, machinery and equipment as well as the field of robotics and automation.

At home and abroad, PFLITSCH cord grips and trunking epitomise the maxim "Quality made in Germany" – clearly recognisable by the hexagonal trademark with its characteristic twelve grooves. Our company logo has its origin in the product design of our cord grips and is recognised all over the world as a trademark by VDE and UL. A visible seal of quality for our components – true to the axiom: only where products have a PFLITSCH hexagon on them is PFLITSCH quality "Made in Germany" guaranteed. This applies to our cord grips and trunking as well as our accessories, tools and machine tools.

PFLITSCH combines over 12,000 highly usable system components with a portfolio of services ranging from design to ready-to-install assemblies and a high level of potential for rationalisation. This allows users to optimise their workflows, increase operational reliability and reduce total project costs.

Our in-house design and development team, a modern metalworking shop and a plastics processing facility allow us to produce made-to-measure customer solutions flexibly and economically. Our highly competent research and development department, which has an audited measurement and test laboratory, contributes to various international standards committees. We point the way for others to follow and keep ourselves fit to face today's challenges and those of the future.