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Corporate social responsibility: Responsibility towards people, careers, families and the region

Encourage new blood, train and qualify employees, work compatibly with family life

Our PFLITSCH trainees
PFLITSCH trainees
The business premises in October 2018
The business premises in October 2018
Our team "Job & Family" usually organises events for our employees and families.
Events for employees and families

The Bergisches Land – not far from Cologne – is home for PFLITSCH. Early in the period of industrialisation, this region produced a great many clever people and pioneering technologies, such as Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the 1st winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics and after whom the unit of measurement for ionizing radiation was named, or Mannesmann with his seamless pipes. The enterprising PFLITSCH family also developed several pioneering products, patents and concepts: cable glands with high-quality synthetic seals and the first trunking to appear on the market, to name but two. Products that soon became the standards for the industry. For all our international orientation, we remain tightly bound up with the Bergisches Land and are expanding our Hückeswagen facilities. We contribute greatly to the development of this region, create future-oriented employment and cooperate with politicians, the chamber of commerce and industry (IHK), and businesses to ensure fresh impetus for the local economy.

Our social responsibility – corporate social responsibility (CSR) – is expressed e.g. through the formation of the Berufskolleg Hückeswagen vocational college. The college – initiated, equipped and financed by local companies – offers young people the chance to pass the "Abitur", the German final school leaving examination, in an optimum learning environment and receive IHK-recognised training. New trainees studying here take on practical tasks at an earlier stage than normal and go on to stay in the region as skilled members of the workforce. In regular works visits, we give interested local residents insights into our work and technology. Satisfied employees create satisfied customers. Therefore at PFLITSCH we provide a pleasant working atmosphere, support flexible working hours arrangements with the "Beruf und Familie" (job and family) programme, childcare and home-office working. Other similar initiatives include fitness training, healthcare and old-age provisions, further education programmes and an in-house library. In consideration of the above, PFLITSCH was recognised by the Hertie Foundation as a “Family-friendly company” for the fourth year in a row. Therefore our 250 or so employees not only work well at PFLITSCH, they also work gladly. Our customers and partners gain from this corporate culture.