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PFLITSCH supports a student project regarding autonomous driving of the TU Munich with the blueglobe und blueglobe TRI

PFLITSCH Blueglobe-TRI TU-München
Blueglobe-TRI Radnnabenmotor TUfast

PFLITSCH has been at the forefront of major industry trends for almost 100 years. EMC and Hygienic Design are representative of the many innovations PFLITSCH has dealt with. As a technology leader, we are supporting ambitious projects with the focus on central issues and topics of the future, for instance recently a student project of the Technical University of Munich.

And because no one can report better on the project, the students of the TU Munich get the word right here:

The TUfast Eco team is an opportunity for highly motivated students pursuing a degree at the Technical University Munich to get hands on experience in developing high efficient vehicles and actively engage in the latest developments in electric mobility and autonomous driving. In summer 2016 the team set a world record for the world’s most efficient electric vehicle. PFLITSCH is supporting the team with cord grips for their autonomous vehicle muc018 (Munich Urban Concept).

The Team

TUfast Eco is a student club at the Technical University Munich currently consisting of about 50 students from various academic fields including many different engineering tracks like mechanical and electrical engineering as well as computer science and business administration. The focus is on tackling many different technical challenges and developing innovative solutions for problems often through interdisciplinary cooperation.

The Mission

TUfast Eco is aiming at designing and building an energy efficient Urban Concept vehicle and participating with it at competitions throughout Europe e.g. the Shell Eco-marathon. With their work the team wants to contribute to creating awareness for the all possibilities and the importance of “green” mobility. An important milestone was achieved when the team set up a world record for the world’s most efficient electric vehicle. Learn more about the world record by visiting the team’s homepage.

The Outcome

Every year, the team develops a completely new vehicle for the Prototype class and competed very successfully with it at various European competitions.
For the upcoming season 17/18 the team moved on to a new challenge - developing an energy efficient, autonomous Urban Concept vehicle. Again, the complete design and construction will be done by the team from scratch including now at least limited road suitability through an upright seating position, a complete light system, a better weather resistance and many things more.

But why exactly did we choose Urban Concept?

For quite a long time, the team was playing around with ideas regarding developing a more realistic vehicle. The Urban Concept category enable the students to dive deeper into the world of automotive development. The development of the meanwhile second Urban Concept offer the possibility to realize all the ideas, team members already collected and discussed for years. Most of them could not be implemented in former vehicles because of the strict focus on efficiency.
Furthermore, experiences from the predecessor muc017 are enriching the development of muc018. A lot of details which only arise during the testing and racing the vehicle where the starting point for new concepts in all divisions (chassis, suspension, powertrain). All this, because the team not only aims for the victory but also winning some Off-Track awards e.g. for technical innovation.

And what is Urban Concept exactly?

Why is it so exciting and innovative? An Urban Concept differs in many important points from a prototype because the focus moves away from sheer efficiency to at least limited road suitability. Basically, it is still all about creating a high efficient vehicle but additionally aligning the development and design with real live conditions and requirements. This means amongst others an upright seating position, a better weather resistance, a complete light system, space for luggage and many things more.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is a hot topic in the automotive sector right now. This trend finally has reached students of the TU Munich! This year the team takes one step further into a new era of mobility. Together with the host of the competition Shell and other Top-teams of the Shell Eco-marathon the team is designing the competition and guiding it to the next level. Within the competition, the TUfast Eco Team was the only participant, who have developed a new vehicle for the competition.

There will be several challenges reaching from a parking scenario to a complex track layout with various obstacles on the road. The main goal of the team, the energy efficiency, is not left behind since the autonomous system of muc018 is modular and therefore easy to assemble or disassemble. With this, muc018 keeps competitive in the energy challenge and aims for an overall win at the competition in July 2018.

All these steps led to a successful participation in the competition: The TUfast Eco Team took second place in the autonomous driving challenge with its vehicle muc018 and was awarded the Vehicle Design Award at the Shell Eco-marathon. The award appreciated the outward appearance as well as the approach and execution of the engineering tasks. Special emphasis was placed on the integration of sensors and computing units for autonomous driving. On the circuit in London, a range of 113km / kWh could be realized. To simulate urban traffic, it was necessary to stop almost every kilometre.  The development of the new vehicle muc018 started on June 06, 2017. The available timeframe for testing the algorithms and the correct vehicle settings was strictly limited.

PFLITSCH is supporting the team with blueglobe (bg212PA) and blueglobe TRI (bg216ms tri) cord grips to protect the external wheel hub motor from dust and rain.

„This year we have the chance to dive into the world of Autonomous Driving. Since this is new to us we are excited what the season and especially the upcoming competitions will bring to us. Challenges like these are hard to master alone. It is, therefore, lucky to receive intense support from experienced and well-established industry partners who entered a new partnership or decided to continue the partnership with our team. These partners are crucial and as important for our success as the team itself.” – Sebastian Schlegel, team manager of the TUfast Eco Team.

Further successes confirm the chosen path

The title of last year's Educ Eco was successfully defended. For the fourth time in a row, the team was able to win in two different categories and with four different vehicles. At the same time, there was an improvement of 10% over the previous year to 202km / kWh or 1759km / l Super 95. This reliability sets this season apart from the previous ones.

(Source photos: TUfast e.V.)