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1,300 m² offices plus 7,000 m² production facilities will spring to life later this year

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In the 100th year of its company history, cable routeing expert PFLITSCH has its sights firmly set on further expansion with the purchase of the Magna Powertrain factory in Hückeswagen. Now the keys have been officially handed over, work can start on fitting out the new specialist trunking centre.

Last autumn’s decision to create a second factory site in the Hückeswagen-Winterhagen industrial estate was a logical step for PFLITSCH to take the family company forward to further success in the future. "Our present site on Mühlenweg would be adequate for up to only two years of our planned growth," say Roland Lenzing and Mathias Stendtke, Managing Partners of this 4th-generation family company with a 100-year record of success.

The headquarters site has already been prepared for the expansion of the cable gland product range with the construction of a state-of-the-art automated small parts store, while the newly acquired site is perfect in every way to accommodate the equally strong growth of PFLITSCH's trunking products. "Here we have the space and the opportunity to design the production processes exactly as we want them and further extend our component assembly manufacturing capacity," explains Roland Lenzing. This has become more than necessary in the light of the new, highly promising VARiOX trunking series.

The 52,000 m2 site has a modern building ensemble with floor space for a good 1,300 m² of offices and 7,000 m² of production facilities. When state-of-the-art production of PFLITSCH trunking starts in autumn, the family company will have made a total capital investment extending into EUR millions. “The relocation of trunking production will create room in the main factory for further expansion of our cable gland business,” says Roland Lenzing. In the last business year alone, the SME created 46 new jobs here. “Together with 22 trainees and apprentices, we currently have almost 300 employees in our team.”

In the production halls, PFLITSCH would like to create a modern, automated production facility that offers manufacturing and logistical advantages and further potential for expansion. “Over the next ten years, we can achieve further increases in growth with a corresponding larger workforce while reducing costs at the same time,” says Mathias Stendtke, providing insight into the progress of the company’s ideas and plans. The figures are not just plucked out of thin air: in the currently expiring business year alone, PFLITSCH has far exceeded its already ambitious planned sales targets.