Keyvisual PFLITSCH Hückeswagen

PFLITSCH – 100 years – and not in the slightest bit old

Mathias Stendtke and Roland Lenzing opened the celebrations of the 100-year anniversary

On 1 July 1919 Ernst Pflitsch, together with his brothers-in-law Fritz Pattberg and Wilhelm Berges, established the “Ernst Pflitsch & Co. elektrotechnische Fabrik”. As he began to produce components for the early stages of electrification in his first workshop – a barn – he probably couldn’t imagine that a company with a global reputation would eventually grow from such humble beginnings. However, Ernst Pflitsch was lucky to live in an innovative environment: His parents-in-law had the first incandescent bulb and first telephone in the vicinity. Inspired by these technical wonders, he took upon himself the task of implementing his own technological ideas – with growing success. He also invented the company logo by simply combining the symbols for direct current – a straight line – with the symbol for alternating current – a wavy line – and the letters P and F.


The success story continues

On 1 July 2019 PFLITSCH GmbH & Co. KG is celebrating its 100-year anniversary and the family, now already in the fourth generation, is continuing to follow the successful path embarked upon by the company’s founder with undiminished energy. Shortly, the second factory in Hückeswagen will be opened. This will be fitted out as the specialist trunking centre for the growing cable trunking division – with automated and digitised manufacturing processes. With such dynamism and spirit of technical inventiveness, the right to take a step back and reflect on what has been accomplished has been more than earned. During the anniversary celebrations all of the participants were not only able to gain an impression of the innovative and commercial strength of PFLITSCH, but also came to realise that people here have not forgotten how to party!

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