Keyvisual PFLITSCH Hückeswagen

PFLITSCH wins the SME Grand Prix.

Mathias Stendtke and his wife Halima Gouya Stendtke
accepted the prize (Photo: Boris Löffert, Source: Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung)

PFLITSCH has been honoured with the Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” (SME Grand Prix) award. “We’re delighted to be among the winners of these important business awards. Even more so because the jury doesn’t base its decision solely on figures but on five aspects of successful corporate governance. Apart from an organization’s overall development, they also consider its quality as an employer, eagerness to innovate, community involvement and customer focus”, says Managing Director Roland Lenzing. It’s this perspective that makes the award so unique and such a perfect accolade for PFLITSCH. “We see ourselves as a future-oriented solution provider. We’re far more than just the sum of all cable glands and cable trunking sold worldwide. We bear both an economic and a social responsibility”, reports co-Managing Director Mathias Stendtke.

PFLITSCH invests regularly in its Hückeswagen site and has a strong commitment to the local region. In keeping with the motto for this year’s award (‘Setting Milestones’), the company has set a lot of things in motion in the recent past and put PFLITSCH on track for the future. Amongst other things, the plant has acquired a new production facility and the product range has been extended with several exciting innovations. Parallel to that, various social and regional projects have been launched, such as an inclusive playground for Hückeswagen. This involvement is deeply entrenched in PFLITSCH’s DNA. For more than 100 years now, the company has been supporting employees as well as people in the immediate neighbourhood in a variety of ways.

The fourth generation of entrepreneurs successfully reconciles this tradition with a spirit of innovation. Today, all development, production and marketing processes are accommodated under one roof and PFLITSCH is firmly established in the industry as the market leader for cable glands and cable trunking. The company is meanwhile focusing increasing attention on growth markets like e-mobility and digitalisation. The aim here is to redefine standards with groundbreaking solutions.