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Plant extension: Clear commitment to the location in Hückeswagen

Pressetermin Werkserweiterung PFLITSCH

With the purchase of the Magna Powertrain plant in the Hückeswagen Winterhagen industrial estate, PFLITSCH is also setting the course for the future in terms of space: This is where a competence center for the rapidly growing cable trunking product range will be established.
"Our present company headquarters site on Mühlenweg would only be adequate for up to two years of our planned growth," say Roland Lenzing and Mathias Stendtke, Managing Partners at PFLITSCH. Following the construction of the new, state-of-the-art automated small parts warehouse on the company premises on the Mühlenweg, the next milestone for further expansion of the company is now being considered. At the new location near Hückeswagen, perfect conditions will be created to support the equally strong planned growth of PFLITSCH's cable trunking products. "Here we have the space to design the production processes exactly as we want them and further extend our ready-to-assemble component manufacturing capacity," explains Roland Lenzing. This has become more than necessary in the light of the new, highly promising VARiOX cable trunking series.

Room for growth: 1,300 m² offices plus 7,000 m² production space

"The site in Winterhagen has an area of 52,000 m² and is close to our headquarters, two aspects which were crucial in the decision to purchase," says Mathias Stendtke. With the total investment amounting to an eight-figure sum, PFLITSCH is signalling a clear commitment to the company's home base at Hückeswagen. "The proximity of the two factories will make their integration a much less complicated task.
The company's cable trunking experts from production planning, technical department and quality management will have plenty of room to work in the 1,300 m² of new office space. "This will also make room in the main factory for more employees," says Roland Lenzing. In the last business year alone, the company created 46 new jobs. "Including the 22 apprentices and trainees, we currently have almost 300 employees in our team." This almost exhausts the available working space at the company headquarters.
In the new 7,000 m² production halls, PFLITSCH would like to create a modern, automated production facility that offers production and logistical advantages and further potential for expansion. "In this respect, we have already developed and compared various scenarios based on differing degrees of automation," says Mathias Stendtke, giving an insight into the plans so far. "In the next 10 years, with the two factories operating, we expect to achieve sales growth of over 60 %, a 40 % growth in personnel while simultaneously reducing costs." These figures are not simply plucked out of the air: In the currently expiring business year alone, PFLITSCH has far exceeded the already ambitious planned sales targets. "We process up to 900 separate orders every day," says a delighted Roland Lenzing. The division component assemblies is also showing extraordinary growth.