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The new cable duct catalogue is published!

PFLITSCH Kanalkatalog 2019

On 328 pages – conveniently arranged in 11 sections – we present our familiar and proven PFLITSCH products, with a section on our new ones: Among the innovations usefully extending our product portfolio are the VARiOX trunking system, EMC trunking, Wire-tray Trunking in Z- and U-shapes and new fastenings for hygiene applications. Also new are the retaining clips up to 200 mm wide for PIK-Trunking, variable partition retainers and much more. A new summary chart of the PFLITSCH processing tools and machine tools is as well presented.

In the customised trunking system section, we provide a perfect insight into our expert services for state-of-the-art cable routeing. With a comprehensive range of services including design, cutting to length and shaping, tools and machine tools and installation on site if required, we offer you personalised advice and assistance on your projects to achieve solutions optimised to your requirements.

With our CAD design tool easyRoute, which contains a comprehensive component library for all our duct systems, we offer you the greatest design certainty in fulfilling your specific requirements.

The new cable duct catalogue can be ordered via our catalogue request or you can directly download it.