Keyvisual PFLITSCH Hückeswagen

Trunking assemblies for greater efficiency

The cut-outs required in Dorst’s installation, including edge protection, are already included in the cable trunking as part of the factory assembly process.

The CAD tool easyRoute enables us to draw up the customer-specific trunking layouts on the computer screen. The data is the basis for subsequent parts and order lists. (Photo: PFLITSCH)

Custom-made, quickly installed and at the same time significantly more cost-effective than conventional solutions – the component assembly service makes cable trunking solutions even more convenient and reproducible at any time. Dorst Technologies, a company with a 400-strong workforce, also appreciates the advantages of these trunking assemblies.

Dorst is one of the leading international suppliers of machines for making ceramic and powder-metallurgical products. More than 2,500 customers in over 70 countries trust in the quality of product from this Bavarian mechanical-engineering expert. Dorst systems are used, for example, to manufacture car components, high-quality sanitary products, carbide components for machining, insulators for power distribution equipment and much more. For these products, powder materials are pressed into moulds by means of automatic mechanical, hydraulic or electrical compression moulding machines with pressing forces of 6 to 1,600 t (more at

The ready-made solution

“We are always on the lookout to find ways of increasing efficiency and improving quality”, says Josef Schröfele, project manager in Dorst’s development department. This also applies to the optimisation of cable trunking through what are in part house-high facilities as well as to improvements in the final assembly shop. The decision in favour of the preassembled cable trunking systems from PFLITSCH was quickly made. This saves valuable assembly time and space previously used to store trunking components is now available for other uses. “The PFLITSCH system makes a big contribution to increasing efficiency”, Schröfele sums up.

Heinz Herchet, who, as area sales manager at PFLITSCH’s sales partner Kilian & Gans, looks after Dorst, sees further plus points: “More and more customers are ordering our cable trunking completely preassembled instead of modifying and assembling them themselves by hand.” Production processes can be better planned and manpower is freed up. Complex prototyping or stockpiling of cable trunking are also unnecessary. What’s more, Dorst’s purchasing department can also order additional preassembled trunking, including fastenings, easily and with security of supply.

Cleverly planned and tailored to requirements

The trunking is configured using the CAD tool easyRoute, which makes use of a database in which we have entered every component of the PFLITSCH trunking system. The various components are pieced together by this 3D planning tool to build the routing wanted. “The CAD system makes it possible to insert the planned trunking into the respective machine environment in order to carry out collision checks. With this method we can optimise every detail, no matter how small, so that everything fits perfectly during installation”, explains Anton Öttl, head of Electrical Installation at Dorst. Using the project data, production of the trunking component assemblies can be reproduced at any time.

Consistent quality – over and over again

State-of-the-art production facilities are available in Hückeswagen in which the individually order-picked parts are assembled into ready-to-install component assemblies. Customer-specific details such as cut-outs, edge protection and separating walls as well as equipment details such as cable glands can be preinstalled on request. PFLITSCH even implements special requests such as connection of the trunking to the control cabinet or a custom surface coating – in Dorst’s case, in medium grey – perfectly.

The components of the assemblies are preassembled in a size suitable for being transported in standard shipping containers or boxes. In this way, PFLITSCH makes shipping the assemblies to the customer very simple. The scope of delivery always includes all fastenings. “The components are numbered. That’s why assembly works out perfectly”, says Öttl. His colleague Josef Schröfele adds: “This keeps our production shop clean, eases our employees’ workload and enables us to plan production with cost transparency.”

Significantly cost reduction

“Our component assembly service makes optimum, high-quality trunking possible”, emphasises Herchet. “Previous project experience shows that customers can halve the amount of work involved in installing cable trunking. Costs are also reduced, by up to 20 per cent. At the same time, the quality of the assembly work is greatly improved and our customers can focus fully on their core competencies.”