Keyvisual Cable Glands

PFLITSCH cord grips with a gentle sealing action

UNI Dicht and blueglobe – high-grade cord grips

Cable gland blueglobe
cable gland blueglobe
Cable gland UNI Dicht
UNI Dicht

The different versions of the PFLITSCH cord grips provide reliable seals in industrial environments. Superior strain relief ensures that the cables cannot slip out or be pulled out of the connector.

UNI Dicht and blueglobe are two series with a proven record in many applications with their large-area, spherical seal achieved by their high-grade sealing inserts. The gland’s reliable soft-squeezing action is gentle on the cable and does not cut into or indent the cable sheath over time. This PFLITSCH cord grips are able to ensure high operational reliability and durability even when subjected to strong vibrations. Both cord grip types achieve high ingress protection ratings of IP 68 and IP 69K.

UNI Dicht and blueglobe are available in metal (brass and various stainless steels) and in high-grade plastic (polyamide and PVDF). PFLITSCH manufactures the sealing inserts out of TPE, TPE-V and silicone to meet the requirements of the project.

For international use, both PFLITSCH cord grips fulfil international standards such as VDE, UL, CSA and EAC. The products also comfortably meet the requirements of European and global EMC and ATEX standards.

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