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blueglobe CLEAN Plus – developed according to hygienic design principles

Easy to clean, with very good resistance to cleaning agents

PFLITSCH products for the food industry 

Current food production in Germany totals 175 billion euros. International hygiene regulations make high demands when it comes to corrosion protection, ease of cleaning and food safety. After all, foodstuffs must be manufactured, processed, transported, stored and sold in such a way that people can consume them without risk to health. 

PFLITSCH developed blueglobe CLEAN Plus with these requirements in mind. Cavities, gaps or open threads, where residues of cleaning agents could be deposited or bacteria build up are in other words taboo.

In 2014, the blueglobe CLEAN Plus cable gland received the iF design award for good industrial design.

Hygienic cable gland
blueglobe CLEAN Plus
blueglobe CLEAN Plus for hoses and corrugated conduits


Product characteristics at a glance:

  • High-quality stainless steel 1.4404 (V4A)/1.4305 (V2A) + plastic version made of PA
  • Constructed according to hygienic design principles and certified by EHEDG (also BGN)
  • Smooth surface (roughness Ra < 0.8 μm)
  • Rounded surfaces in contact with the wrench
  • Large radii (6 mm instead of the 3 mm specified for hygiene safety)
  • Seal made from FDA-compliant plastic (TPU)
  • Sizes from M8 to M63 (cable diameter: 4 mm to 55 mm)
  • ype of protection IP 66, IP 68 (up to 15 bar) or IP 69K (gentle seal over a large surface), with strain relief values easily exceeding EN 62444 
  • Tests passed comfortably: GS-NV-2 food processing machines and GS-NV-6 hygiene (comprehensive), riboflavin test “excellent”
  • Ideally combinable with hoses (smooth inside + outside, with or without fabric reinforcement, sheathed corrugated conduit)

In the process periphery, where no direct contact takes place with food, standard cable glands in stainless steel or PA are generally used. blueglobe CLEAN Plus is designed to be installed directly at enclosures or components located in critical areas of food production, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries or wherever sterile conditions need to be maintained.

blueglobe CLEAN Plus in the customer application


Your advantages:

  • Assembly: The cable gland is assembled from only a few system components and is very simple to install without any special tools
  • Cleaning: Quick and easy to clean
  • Cleaning process: Reproducible


blueglobe CLEAN Plus – high-quality cable gland sets the standards

blueglobe is a future-oriented solution from PFLITSCH providing reliable sealing performance, outstanding functionality and optimum value for money. Large clamping ranges, high ingress protection and excellent strain relief as well as clear marking are the key features that distinguish blueglobe from other cable glands. This series also scores in solutions where extreme conditions apply such as strict hygiene, high temperatures, EMC or Ex protection. 

blueglobe CLEAN Plus is the first cable gland to be certified to the high EHEDG standard and can therefore be used without risk in the foodchemical and pharmaceutical industries or in cleanroom applications. BGN has likewise confirmed that this cable gland is in conformity with the applicable testing specifications in test certificate NV 13132.

blueglobe CLEAN Plus is currently available in sizes M8 to M63 for cable diameters from 4 mm to 29 mm. It achieves IP 66, IP 68 (up to 15 bar) or IP 69 protection and can be used at temperatures from –55 °C to +180 °C. And with its 360° contact, blueglobe TRI CLEAN Plus – our EMC version – offers superior attenuation values.

You can find the complete product range in our catalogue “Cable glands complying with hygienic design”.

Additional information is available in our downloads area.