Keyvisual Cable Glands

Elbow and flange cord grips

For 90° cable entries and safe outlets from switchgear cabinets

Practical angled glands
angled glands
UNI Angled cable gland with cable
UNI Angled cable gland

PFLITSCH UNI elbow solutions enable cables to be taken safely around corners up to 90°. These cord grips have an angled cord grip body made from die-cast zinc or PA plastic. Elbow cord grips achieve the same technical values as the UNI Dicht standard models.

The variants with a rotating coupling can direct the component leg in any direction 360° around the attached leg in order to achieve the best cable entry. PFLITSCH makes these as standard products in sizes M16 to M40 and Pg 9 to Pg 36.

To feed cables at an angle into/out of switchgear cabinets or machine housings, PFLITSCH produces various short and long flanged elbows in die-cast zinc and PA plastic. They are screwed tightly on to the housing and can accept – depending on the version – cord grips in sizes M16 to M63 and Pg 9 to Pg 48. An inserted o-ring securely seals the flange to the housing.

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