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Hose solutions – mechanical and thermal cable protection

Hoses protect the cables – the cord grips seal them

UNI SVD Hose cord grips
UNI SVD Hose cord grips

In order to lead tioncables safely into an enclosure or control cabinet, they are often protected from damage and external influences using protective hoses. The cables should also not suffer damage at the point of entry into the enclosure or cabinet. For this purpose, PFLITSCH offers hose glands and hose cord grips that provide the necessary protection. For smooth, thin-walled and corrugated or stabilised hoses, the UNI Dicht range delivers the required solutions.

Hose cord grips

In addition to secure routing of the cable as far as the entry point, it is also necessary to protect the interior of the enclosure from the ingress of dust and moisture. The UNI Dicht system includes the hose cord grips required to do this. Apart from protecting the cable termination, these glands maintain up to IP 68 (10 bar) tightness with the help of the sealing insert and ensure a high degree of strain relief. Our hose cord grips are also available in EMC versions or with multiple sealing inserts.

  • Smooth hoses
  • Spring-stiffened UL hoses
  • Hoses with external steel braid
  • Sizes from M16 to M50 and Pg 7 to Pg 29

Hose glands

The hose glands in the UNI Dicht system connect protective hoses securely to the cable gland. The cable thus enters the enclosure or control cabinet safely. These gland types do not have sealing inserts. The hose glands meet IP 54.


The hose cord grips and hose glands are available for various types of hose: from hoses with steel braiding through UL and corrugated hoses right up to smooth hoses, there’s always a suitable solution in the PFLITSCH range. Besides the modular system, PFLITSCH also offers customised hose fittings.