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PFLITSCH cord grips: Tools

Pliers, mounting wrench, ring ratchet wrench, drills and cutters for a safe assembly

Socket wrench
Socket wrench
Placing the cable into the slotted multiple sealing inserts is made easier with the expanding pliers.
Expanding pliers for slit sealing inserts

The PFLITSCH philosophy includes not only supplying users with high-quality products and components but also supporting them with practical tools to make their work easier and improve the quality of the installation.

  • Infinitely adjustable mounting wrench with ratchet for bolt sizes 11 mm to 24 mm and 24 mm to 36 mm
  • Special socket for bolts sized M12 to M75 – also suitable for already installed cables
  • Drills cutters and thread cutters for clearance holes and tapped blind holes
  • Combination drill for producing tapping holes and finished threads in sizes M12 to M63
  • Arbour-type cutters with carbide cutting plates for sizes M16 to M63
  • Spreading pliers for inserting preassembled cables into slit sealing inserts

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