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PFLITSCH Cord Grips: UNI Dicht

IP 69 ingress protection, strain relief, EMC-safe, ATEX-tested and much more

UNI Dicht variant
UNI Dicht
Gland body, sealing insert and pressure screw of the UNI Dicht® system
UNI Dicht®

The extensive UNI Dicht system is synonymous in the industry with high-quality, application-specific cord grips. Users all over the world are impressed with their high ingress protection, operational reliability and durability, not to mention resistance to environmental effects and impacts. UNI Dicht meets all the current EU requirements for cable entries – for example, the new fire protection standard for railway engineering – as well as relevant international certifications such as UL and CSA.

A UNI Dicht cable gland consists of the cord grip body and the appropriate sealing insert.

Your advantages:

  • 6,000 individual parts for 20,000 application-specific cord grips
  • Metal and plastic variants
  • M4 to M120 and Pg 7 to Pg 48 as well as NPT, CTG and imperial threads
  • Ingress protection rating IP 68 (10 bar) and IP 69K
  • EMC, ATEX, multiple, hose, corrugated conduit and elbow cord grips
  • Operating temperatures -40 °C up to +130 °C (TPE-V) and -60 °C up to +200 °C (silicone)
  • Reducers and expanders

Grooves on the double nipple prevent the sealing insert – and with it the cable – from turning while the pressure screw is being tightened. In the metal versions, a rubber (NBR) o-ring sits in a groove to ensure a secure seal around the clearance hole in the housing.

Metal and plastic cable glands for cables up to 110 mm in diameter

PFLITSCH makes cord grip bodies out of brass, zinc, stainless steel and aluminum as well as the plastics PVDF and PA. The sealing inserts consist of the high-grade plastics TPE, TPE-V and silicone, which are resistant to many modern chemicals. Silicone sealing inserts are designed for large operating temperature ranges.

Sealing inserts are also available for flat and special cables such as AS-i Bus or as splittable versions for preassembled cables. Multiple-cable sealing inserts can feed several cables – including cables with different thicknesses – reliably through one hole in a housing. PFLITSCH can also make these cord grips to the customer's specific requirements.

Additional information is available in the download area Cord Grip.

Our UNI Dicht animation can be watched on our YouTube channel.