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PFLITSCH sun and wind power

PFLITSCH is a competent partner for sun and wind power stations – such as energy

Competent partner for sun and wind power stations.

Renewable energies, wind and solar

The market for renewable energies is growing globally. The requirements on modern wind turbines are extremely high in respect of their service life, resistance to corrosion and vibration.

PFLITSCH relies here on the UNI Dicht and blueglobe ranges – also manufactured from stainless steel for the offshore sector. In the area of control and inverter technology, manufacturers use our EMC cord grips.

For the optimum feeding of cables through the tower and nacelle, different types of closed and open cable trunking are used, as is the Wire-tray Trunking.

In solar power plants and photovoltaic installations, addressing the heat during the day and low temperatures at night is just as important as ensuring resistance to UV rays. PFLITSCH cord grips manufactured of high quality plastic PVDF defy these changeable weather conditions with their ability to withstand temperatures from -40 °C up to +150 °C.

Using the open Wire-tray Trunking, cables can be securely routed from the panels to the inverter and can be led in and out of the trays at any location. Rainwater or dew can simply drain away.

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