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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Electronic Data Interchange (abbreviation: EDI) is the modern version of the “paperless office”. The automatic exchange of structured data between computer systems – with no manual intervention – allows processes to be handled in the minimum amount of time. It takes only a few seconds to ensure your processes are always up to date.



EDI offers the following advantages:

  • Cost reduction: You save on personnel costs because orders do not have to be distributed manually.
  • Throughput times minimised: There are no organisational or bureaucratic hold-ups.
  • Errors are prevented: You have a smooth data flow completely within a single communication medium (in both directions).


With EDI, company data are automatically exported from business systems (ABAS, SAP, PPS, FIBU), sent over any type of communication network (Business Mail X.400, Internet, ISDN) and booked into your warehousing system.

Range of services

Using the globally recognised communications standard “Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport” (EDIFACT) or any similar format, PFLITSCH offers you the possibility of exchanging the following information in the course of processing orders:

  • Orders (ORDERS)
  • Order amendments (ORDCHG) being planned
  • Delivery instructions (DELFOR) being planned
  • Order confirmations (ORDRSP)
  • Invoices (INVOIC)

If you have any questions about “EDI”, please address them to our EDI team (for contact details refer to Sales).