Keyvisual Service

Electronic invoicing

Working with you, we would like to benefit from the opportunity of simplifying processes and the convenience of our electronic age. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you the facility of receiving electronic invoicing.

As the invoice recipient, you gain from the following advantages:

  • The invoices reach you immediately after they have been prepared, with no postal delays.
  • There is no need for mountains of paper, opening letters and disposing of the envelopes and many other associated tasks.
  • Expensive paper filing systems can be replaced by more cost-effective electronic versions.
  • Invoices can be delivered directly to your accounts department, if required.
  • The invoice goes precisely to the person or group responsible for dealing with it.
  • You receive an electronic invoice in the popular PDF format. You can view the invoice on the widely available, free Adobe Reader.
  • Simplified access to the relevant documents for e.g. tax auditors (filing system search function).

Before the electronic invoicing system is introduced, we would like to bring our contact database up to date and identify the persons and addresses that will receive your electronic invoices, so that communications will run smoothly. 

We ask for your assistance in this matter because we are allowed to send you electronic invoices by e-mail only after we have received your signed consent form. Furthermore, we are legally obliged to be able to provide written proof of these arrangements with our customers.

Thank you for your cooperation.