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The PFLITSCH industries: Energy set in motion

PFLITSCH has products and services for demanding industries

Nothing runs without energy. Energy must be set in motion for it to be able to move anything. In the case of electrical energy – in the form of power and data – it moves along various cables and wires. PFLITSCH helps you set the energy safely in motion for your products


In the railway industry PFLITSCH ensures mobility.

Weather resistant, vibration resistant and fire safe in accordance with EN 45545-2

Rail vehicle technology demands the best from all its systems as they are permanently exposed to wind and weather, dust, stone impacts and strong vibrations. Locomotives and wagons of course, but also the technical equipment at stations, on the track and in tunnels, have to function reliably over a long service life. For many years now, PFLITSCH has been setting the standards in this segment and supplies the railway industry among others with intelligent cable gland solutions and trunking.

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PFLITSCH plays it safe – in the chemical industry and pharmacy

Resistance, EHEDG hygiene and Ex-protection

Temperature-resistance, resistance to aggressive media and all-round fire-resistance are some of the characteristics required in production plants in the chemical industry. Hygiene and efficient cleaning play an important role in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. With Ex-certified cable glands, stainless steel trunking systems and hygienic cable glands, PFLITSCH offers optimum and safe solutions for these areas of application.

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PFLITSCH adapts to any environment – in the electrical industry

Effective seal, strain relief and EMC-protection

A traditional and well-established area of application for PFLITSCH products is the electrical industry. PFLITSCH is a technological trendsetter in this field. In addition to the requirement for an effective seal and strain relief, the application-specific conditions of use and the local environment have a major role to play. Increasingly important is the area of electromagnetic compatibility: PFLITSCH has developed safe EMC cable glands for applications in this field up to Cat. 7A.

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PFLITSCH is a star – in energy generation and distribution

Large cable diameters, EMC protection, long service life

In addition to high operational reliability, modern power plants also call for the use of large cable cross sections. In addition, the components also have to withstand high operating temperatures. PFLITSCH offers UNI Dicht® cable glands in sizes up to M120, which are suitable and safe cable entries for cables with diameters up to 110 mm. Cable glands from the blueglobe® system – available up to M85 – are also used in the power plant field.

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PFLITSCH supports environmental technologies – such as wind energy

Durable and corrosion resistant over a wide temperature range

Renewable energy is a growth market all over the world. The requirements on modern wind turbines are centred on attaining very high durability and corrosion resistance. After all, the turbines have to run reliably for 20 to 25 years. In addition, the wide operating temperature ranges play a significant role. For offshore installations, it is also important that systems can be used over long periods in moist salty air. With the UNI Dicht® and blueglobe® cable glands as well as cable trunking systems, PFLITSCH offers the best products for these rough conditions of use.

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PFLITSCH reaches for the sky – in the field of solar energy

Resistant to UV radiation, temperature and weather

The proportion of energy generated from solar panel systems has risen steeply in recent years. The huge variation in weather conditions outdoors sets high requirements for the solar panels, the installation and the components. Solar panel system components are exposed to continuously changing weather conditions, everything from strong sunshine through rain to frost. PFLITSCH cable glands and trunking systems are immune to the capriciousness of the weather.

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PFLITSCH scores in hygiene – in the food industry

EHEDG design: no chance for residue adherence and build-up of bacteria

Food production calls for especially high requirements for manufacturing plants. Particularly important are good corrosion protection, ease of cleaning and food compatibility. The aspect of hygiene is key in these situations. PFLITSCH developed the new blueglobe CLEAN Plus® and the wire trays to meet these high requirements.

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PFLITSCH sets energy in motion – in machinery and equipment

All-round protection in trunking systems and protective hoses

PFLITSCH products are excelling in a great many machinery and plant engineering facilities all over the world. The continuously growing product programme of cable glands and trunking systems as well as range of services fulfil the specific wishes of customers within the industry and provide the savings potential necessary to become more competitive.

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PFLITSCH advances modern production processes – in robotics and automation

Vibration resistant, EMC-safe and safe to walk on

Automated processes involve a lot of moving objects: robots, conveyor belts and handling systems are often all in action. With all these processes running in parallel, there are particular requirements for vibration resistance, strain relief and EMC safety. PFLITSCH cable glands from the UNI Dicht® or blueglobe® system safely fulfil these requirements.

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