CABseal – the splittable cable entry that lives up to PFLITSCH standards

Simply configure your cable entries the way you need them.

With the launch of its CABseal system, PFLITSCH is completing its comprehensive range of professional cable entry products. The splittable, modular frame for feeding through pre-assembled and non-assembled cables and lines complements our range of cable glands, including the splittable cable glands of our UNI Split Gland and UNI flange series, in the best possible way. Due to its universal features, the CABseal is ideally equipped for a wide range of cable entry applications.

Guiding cables simple and reliable through interfaces

The PFLITSCH CABseal is used to feed pre-assembled and non-assembled cables, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic lines, simply and reliably into control cabinets, primarily, but also into enclosures and machines. To this end, their sizes and dimensions of the frames are compatible with the common standard cut-outs and hole patterns in control cabinets so that just a single CABseal frame is required per cut-out.

Product information CABseal
Product information CABseal


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The key advantages of the CABseal system at a glance

Low spatial requirements thanks to high packing density

Simple and reliable assembly that saves time and money

Suitable for all common standard cut-outs and hole patterns in control cabinets

Warranty of pre-assembled cables is not voided as the connectors don’t have to be dis- and reassembled to

Flexible placement of grommets in the frame for cable diameters from 3 mm to 33 mm

Retrofit possible

CABseal – designed for maximum flexibility and ease of assembly

The CABseal cable entry system consists of four different sized frames and a number of cable grommets that can be equipped in various constellations. The grommets are slotted at the sides to make it easier to insert cables. While the frame is made of hard and robust polyamide, we use a flexible elastomer for the cable grommets and their special sealing lips. To ensure the cables are properly sealed, the grommets are positioned in the frame and compressed when the upper part of the frame is screwed down. The integrated elastomer frame seal makes sure that the CABseal frame is properly sealed from the control cabinet. Thanks to its intelligent design, the CABseal offers an ideal combination of excellent properties such as robustness, durability, tightness, strain relief and easy assembly without special tools.

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The quality cable entry – in sizes to suit your needs


We offer CABseal in four frame sizes with 4, 6, 8 or 10 grommet fields. The frame dimensions are based on the common standard cut-out dimensions of control cabinets, so that only one CABseal frame is required per cut-out.




Modularity is the big advantage of the CABseal. To guarantee you maximum flexibility in equipping the frame and at the same time the easiest possible handling, we have given the grommets standardised modular dimensions that mean four small grommets correspond exactly to the dimensions of one large one. In combination with the different frame sizes, this results in an immense number of individual equipping options – entirely in line with your own requirements. Additional blind grommets and plugs are available as placeholders.

The single grommets are available in two sizes: The small GS grommets from 3-16 mm and the large GL grommets from 16-33 mm cable diameter. The double and quadruple grommets cover a cable diameter of 4-8 mm and contribute to the exceptionally high packing density of the system.


Leave nothing to be desired – the features of the CABseal

  • For cable cross-sections from 3 mm to 33 mm
  • Suitable for all common standard cut-outs and hole patterns
  • For standard cut-outs up to 115 mm x 46 mm
  • Just a single frame is required per cut-out
  • Installation height 20 mm for space-saving installation
  • Sealing range of the grommets up to 1.6 mm; the flexible sealing lip geometry adapts to the lines.
  • Elastomer frame seal for sealing with the control cabinet; no need for an additional seal
  • Operating temperature range from –40 °C to +100 °C
  • Fire protection UL 94: V0
  • UL listed certified
  • Separate strain relief with cable ties optional
  • For up to 40 cables per frame (CABseal F24 with 10 4-fold multiple grommets in size Small)
  • Easy, reliable assembly with no need for special tools that saves time and money
  • Simple, safe as well as time- and cost-saving assembly with an Allen key
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Warranty of pre-assembled cables is not voided as the connectors don’t have to be dis- and reassembled to feed them through
  • Flexibility to carry out retrofits if necessary
  • PFLITSCH quality Made in Germany

Application area

Thanks to its properties and dimensions, the CABseal cable entry is predestined for feeding pre-assembled and non-assembled cables into control cabinets, enclosures and machines. Designed to satisfy the IP 66 and UL Type 4X protection ratings, it prevents the ingress of dust and powerful water jets – even when using double- and quadruple-cable grommets. At the same time, it is able to withstand extreme temperatures from –40 °C to +100 °C. It goes without saying that the CABseal complies with the environmental protection guidelines required for its intended applications and is halogen-free, silicone-free and RoHS-compliant.



The CABseal is easy to equip and install in just a few steps – almost in the blink of an eye – saving you time and money. You don’t need any special tools to do so either, just an Allen key. See for yourself:

  1. Remove the upper part of the frame of the CABseal and insert the mounting aids into the lower part. (The mounting aids are optional, but they make it easier to equip the cable grommets.)
  2. Secure the lower part of the frame only loosely at the control cabinet cut-out using the two lower screws so that it can be tilted forward slightly.
  3. Now insert the cables into the slots on the side of the respective grommets.
  4. Insert the equipped cable grommets between the mounting aids in the CABseal frame. Then remove the mounting aids.

  5. Finally, screw the upper part of the frame back onto the lower part using the three Allen screws. (If you want to provide additional strain relief, you can fasten the cables concerned to the strain relief lugs of the cable grommets with a cable tie after final positioning.)

  6. Complete the installation procedure by screwing the fully assembled CABseal to the control cabinet.

Assembly instruction CABseal 08/21/23 Cable entry
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Brochure CABseal 09/28/23 Cable entry
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