Passion for the best solution

Cleanplus – the only EHEDG-certified
hygienic cable gland

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The right cable glands and cable trunking for your industry

Innovations for industrial cable management

PFLITSCH is the global market leader when it comes to industrial cable management. True to our corporate slogan “Passion for the best solution”, we have developed a perfectly coordinated and holistic system of innovative product solutions and services for cable glands, cable routing and cable protection. In this way, we ensure maximum safety and efficiency across a wide range of different industries and application areas with truly demanding and strict requirements.

Customised solutions for specific customer needs

For us, innovations are not an end in themselves. They always originate from a concrete customer need. As an expert in cable management, we know and anticipate the typical industry requirements and individual needs of our customers early on. These form the basis on which we then develop solutions that precisely meet the respective requirements – both in terms of technical performance characteristics and economic aspects.

We’re there for you whenever you need us, and wherever you are.

To ensure that we’re physically close to where you are, we’ve built up an extensive global network of partners. They’re always on hand, ready to provide their professional expertise that is founded on years and years of practical experience. Your contact in your area is quick and easy to find!

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PFLITSCH’s product portfolio

Our expertise originally comes from the specific field of cable entry. Over the years, thanks to our pronounced customer focus and our great desire to be an innovative force, we have succeeded in building a holistic, systematic product portfolio that encompasses all aspects of cable management, from cable entry to cable routing and cable protection.

Cable gland

On the one hand, we offer you an extensive range of standard cable glands. These are highly impressive, offering outstanding universal features such as great tightness of seal, excellent strain relief and first-rate ease of installation. At the same time, our portfolio also includes highly developed special solutions that meet the highest of requirements, e.g. for hygiene safety and EMC shielding.
Cable gland

Cable entry

PFLITSCH cable entries are first choice whenever a large number of cables have to be fed into control cabinets, machines or enclosures. They are just as suitable for pre-assembled and non-assembled cables as they are for pneumatic or hydraulic cables. Whereas high packing density and ease of assembly are priorities, the demands with regard to physical properties are less stringent.
Cable entry

Cable routing

PFLITSCH is and remains a trendsetter in modern cable routing with solutions for every application and every requirement. The perfectly coordinated range of products combines proven solutions for all applications: for routing large numbers of cables over long distances, installing customised trunking layouts quickly and easily or for laying cables in hygienic environments.
Cable routing

Cable protection

We offer a comprehensive cable protection system that provides effective protection in mechanical and plant engineering scenarios. In addition to corrugated conduits or corrugated hoses, you will also find matching hose cable glands and hose glands that guarantee exceptional ease of assembly.
Cable protection

Non-standard requirements call for non-standard solutions

In many fields of mechanical and plant engineering, universal requirements apply to cable entries, which you can easily comply with with our standard cable glands. However, in other industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals, the railways and electric mobility, you are faced with extremely specific challenges. For each of these industries, we have created our own range of highly developed solutions that allow you to fulfil all requirements.

Food industry

Railway industry

Electric mobility

For you we go above and beyond the normal standards

We have a whole range of custom services to help you solve your problems and increase your efficiency: if, for example, a standard product doesn’t bring about the desired success, we’ll come up with a tailor-made solution and manufacture it for you as a volume series, a small series or just a single item.

Or our component assembly service: if you wish, we’ll help you to realise your cable trunking project – from the consultation and planning phases right through to implementation. It is possible to generate ready-to-install cable trunking assemblies at the push of a button, which we assemble for you and deliver on time. Once an assembly has been created, it can be reproduced whenever it’s needed.

Customised cable glands

Cable trunking component assemblies

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