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The PFLITSCH product search for cable glands

Do you already know our product search?
You can easily test it and find the appropriate cable gland for your demands!

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The PFLITSCH component assemblies service

PFLITSCH accompanies you with the implementation of your cable trunking project from the planning to the ready to install component assemblies.

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Suitable cable glands and trunking systems for your industry

Nothing runs without energy.
With the right product solution from PFLITSCH we help you to set the energy safely in motion.

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MaxiCut to cut cable trunking

Machine tool saves precious preassembly time

Trunking is used in many areas of machine and plant engineering. The trunking bodies and covers have to be cut to length and lateral cut-outs made to suit the actual installation situation. As these preassembly tasks can represent up to 75 % of the total installation costs, there is great potential for rationalisation, which machine manufacturer SONOTRONIC has already exploited.

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SPS IPC Drives 2017: The digital transformation in focus

SPS IPC Drives is the leading trade fair and main point of contact for everyone interested in solutions for electronic automation. New records were set this year and the importance of the trade fair to the industry reconfirmed. With 1.675 exhibitors and 70.264 visitors both domestic and international, attendance at the trade fair exceeded last year's figures.

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PFLITSCH customer case study: how LED lighting systems can positively effect plant growth

In order to thrive, plants need suitable soil, sufficient water and the right kind of light. PFLITSCH customer DH Licht specialises in the latter.

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The PFLITSCH philosophy: Crossing frontiers by thinking and acting holistically

Passion for the best solution – is the slogan under which PFLITSCH acts successfully on the market and impresses customers worldwide with practical and safe product solutions in the field of industrial cable routeing. The PFLITSCH brand, with its striking hexagon, has an international reputation for "Made in Germany" quality with products that are exclusively manufactured in Germany.

A family-owned and managed company, PFLITSCH has more than just products like cable glandsand trunkingin focus, we also delight our customers with practical accessories, reliable design software, perfectly designed tools and machine tools as well as services ranging from individually packaged cable glands to ready-to-install trunking assemblies.

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