Plan, order and reproduce cable trunking in 3D – with easyRoute

Use the CAD software that PFLITSCH uses

Do you work in mechanical engineering and are you planning cable trunking layouts for the cabling of your new developments, existing machines and special machines? Or perhaps you work in plant engineering and construction and are planning machinery rooms and factory buildings? Simplify your planning with PFLITSCH – with 3D easyRoute planning software that has a continuously updated component library and excellent import and export functions. The easyRoute software was developed together with CADENAS and we use it ourselves. easyRoute enables Industrial-, PIK- and Wire-tray Trunking to be planned extremely precisely and quickly. Dimensions and distances are exactly defined during the planning and all parts are displayed with item numbers to help you find them quickly and easily.

The data generated in easyRoute is stored in a data exchange or transfer format (.ps2 or .ps3) that is particularly conversion-friendly. The file is simple to convert into common formats via the PFLITSCH website – you can choose from over 100 file formats such as CATIA, NX or STEP. This converted file can then be imported back into your CAD and BIM systems, for example to run collision checks or to complete plant documentation. When the cable trunking configuration has been approved and ordered from PFLITSCH, PFLITSCH automatically generates parts and order lists in easyRoute. PFLITSCH uses these to manufacture the complete assemblies and delivers them on time and ready for installation. We also offers on-site installation on your premises. All the cable trunking configurations can be reproduced at the touch of a button.

Expert support: we use easyRoute ourselves as a planning tool

The easyRoute software is used by the PFLITSCH component assembly service team. So we know how well this excellent software works and we add the latest components on an ongoing basis. If you are planning cable trunking in easyRoute and have a question or would like a second opinion, simply send us the file and our experts will check your planning. In this way you can rest assured that your trunking layouts are collision-free and feasible.

Advantages for mechanical and plant engineering

  1. Simple planning of cable trunking on machines with original PFLITSCH CAD data

  2. Series production: plan PFLITSCH cable trunking when you develop your machines. When cable trunking component assemblies are created, they become production parts that can be series-produced in-house as required – or by the PFLITSCH component assembly service.

  3. Made-to-order production: use CAD to plan customised cable trunking rather than sketching it by hand.

  4. Quick and efficient: easyRoute has been designed for planning cable trunking and the library contains all 3D components and accessory fittings.

  5. Facilitates machine documentation

The features of easyRoute

  • Free 3D CAD planning software for PFLITSCH cable trunking

  • Simple operation via drag & drop

  • Easy download via myPFLITSCH

  • Support from the PFLITSCH team

  • Import your machine environment as 3D files

  • Export in secure easyRoute format, online conversion into more than 100 common CAD formats possible – for import into your CAD or BIM software, e.g. for collision checking

  • Export of the planning to PFLITSCH, for checking or as a direct order

Your perfect partner: the PFLITSCH component assembly service

You can assemble the CAD cable trunking layouts you have planned yourself – or you can commission the component assembly service from PFLITSCH. Here’s how it works:

  • You send us the easyRoute planning file or a sketch of your planned cable trunking layout

  • We prepare an offer

  • When we receive your go-ahead, we manufacture and assemble the cable trunking at our plant – including all cut-outs, connectors, equipment details and pre-assembled cable glands

  • Upon completion, we deliver the individual parts to you on a date of your choice or install the cable trunking component assembly on-site

  • Your advantages: less in-house capacity needed, shorter project duration, quicker on-site installation

Discover the component assembly service