Time and effort-saving tools for PFLITSCH cable glands

Assembly wrenches, ratchet spanners and accessories to speed up installation

Are you looking to assemble PFLITSCH cable glands quickly, safely and with the correct torque or dismantle them again for servicing? The good news: you don’t need any special tools to do so. The even better news: we have a lot of clever little helpers nevertheless, that have been proven to save time compared to standard tools.

As a company at home in the Bergisches Land, a world-leading centre for toolmaking, we love any tool that functions perfectly. That’s why we’re committed to offering you genuinely smart solutions – for any work step and any work environment.

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Catalogue Cable Gland – 14 Accessories and Tools
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Your advantages with PFLITSCH tools

  1. Time-saving and profit-boosting: Shorter assembly times using ergonomic tools boost your team’s hourly output – in production, in the final assembly shop, on construction sites or while carrying out maintenance work.

  2. Durable, made-to-measure quality: specially developed or selected quality tools for assembling cable glands, available with a range of widths.

  3. Ready for any work situation: Tools for workbenches in production, compact toolboxes and kits for tool trolleys and standard toolboxes in the final assembly shop or on construction sites as well as take-anywhere multi-tools for difficult-to-access areas or service assignments.

  4. Universal tools: All tools are ideal for both metal and plastic cable glands.

Tools at a glance

  • Special socket wrench with cable cut-out – a handy combination of open-ended, ring and socket spanners
  • Adjustable assembly wrench – special ratchet with adjustable width
  • Special ratchet boxes with insert bits
  • Torque wrench with handy attachments like an open-ended ring ratchet spanner, insert bits and square adapter
  • Expander pliers for feeding cables into cable entries

Robust special socket wrenches for workshops

PFLITSCH cable glands and lock nuts can be assembled using standard open-ended, ring or socket spanners. However, when ordinary tools are used, the cable always seems to get in the way or the spanner is difficult to apply.

Our idea: A special socket wrench with a cut-out for the cable and a handle. The handle is long enough to tighten the gland and the lock nut but short enough not to require excessive force.

Every fitter’s adjustable favourite

The best tools are invariably the ones that fit into the pocket of your work trousers. In complex assembly scenarios, therefore, it makes sense to have a multi-tool to hand rather than returning to the tool trolley for every single step.

Our idea: A steplessly adjustable assembly wrench for cable glands that covers all bolt sizes from 11 to 36 mm, is the perfect answer.

Compact ring ratchet spanner with assembly wrench set for tool trolleys

Socket wrench and ratchet spanner boxes are both convenient and popular as a good compromise between precision, flexibility, tool change times and working speed. However, they lack handy cut-outs for cable glands.

Our idea: PFLITSCH’s open-ended ring ratchet spanner has a wide, slotted ratchet head for application without skewing; an assembly wrench set with nine insert bits in widths from SW 14 to 30 is additionally available for glands up to size M25.

Optional: compatible torque wrenches

A torque wrench is required to ensure that the maximum tightening torque is not exceeded. Flexible torque wrenches with suitable torque ranges are ideal for insert tools.

Our idea: A high-quality torque wrench made in Germany, with compatible insert tools. The PFLITSCH torque wrench has a holder for exchangeable insert tools like the PFLITSCH ratchet head, PFLITSCH insert bits or our square adapter. Thanks to the rapid and precise QuickSelect adjustment feature, the required torque can be exactly adhered to – for a durable, reliable installation.

Sealing inserts

Feeding pre-assembled cables into sealing inserts is a strenuous and time-consuming activity – and in some cases impossible depending on the size of the connector and the sealing insert. Is there not a simpler way without compromising on safety?

Our idea: PFLITSCH has a perfectly coordinated solution comprised of slotted sealing inserts and precisely fitting expanding pliers. The pliers fit exactly into the slots of the sealing inserts, which can then be levered open using only minimal force in order to insert the cable. For safe and fatigue-free working with pre-assembled cables.

Product portfolio tools

Assembly wrench set

Set, incl. two-piece open-ended ring ratchet spanner and nine socket insert bits
For plastic and metal cable glands up to M25
In impact-resistant plastic transport and storage case

Assembly wrench set

Torque wrench

Click-type (or clicker) torque wrench for using
the socket insert bits with a ratchet head and the
open-ended ring spanners with a square adapter

Torque wrench

Further information

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