Award-winning cable glands developed according to Hygienic Design principles for added safety and time savings

EHEDG- and FDA-certified systems in stainless steel or polyamide

Are you looking for cable glands developed according to Hygienic Design principles for use in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry? PFLITSCH’s ingenious, certified systems made of stainless steel or plastic fit perfectly into your production environment thanks to their outstanding properties – with guaranteed EMC and explosion protection.

Developed for sterile environments and extreme temperatures

Hygienic cable glands from PFLITSCH help you seal cables hygienically in enclosures or machine components, even in sterile environments or at extreme temperatures from –55 to +180 degrees Celsius. Profit from easy assembly and installation coupled with a tight seal in operation, minimal build-up of dirt and resistance to even the most aggressive cleaning agents. That prevents production stoppages and reduces set-up times and downtime – for production plants that can be relied on to earn money.

Catalogue Cable Gland – 9 Hygienic Design Cable Glands
Catalogue Cable Gland – 9 Hygienic Design Cable Glands


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Your advantages at a glance

Food grade – suitable for all areas of the food and pharmaceutical industries

No special tools required for assembly – quick, simple and therefore cost-efficient.

Installation without gaps – flat and free from cavities where dirt could

Very easy to clean – smooth surfaces with Ra < 0.8 μm and rounded spanner flats

Dirt and bacteria don’t stand a chance

Hard-wearing – resistant to all common cleaning agents as well as high-pressure cleaning

Resistant to corrosion

Lower operating costs for your production plant

What you require, our value proposition

  1. Do you want your production process to be absolutely safe from a hygiene point of view and would therefore prefer to use hygiene-certified cable glands?
    PFLITSCH’s hygienic cable glands have all relevant certifications.
  2. Are you seeking long-term investment security?
    With their multiple certifications, PFLITSCH’s hygienic cable glands are audit-proof and their rugged design also ensures a long service life.
  3. Would you like to save time when assembling or modifying production plants?
    PFLITSCH’s hygienic cable glands can be assembled without any special tools. The flatness of the seat tells you at a glance whether or not they’ve been installed correctly.
  4. Do you have any special requirements? We’ll be happy to assist, for instance with special solutions integrating EMC shielding or explosion protection. Is yours an unusual challenge?

Feel free to contact us

Pioneers in Hygienic Design

PFLITSCH’s hygienic solutions were not optimised afterwards for use in hygienic environments; they were developed from the outset to comply with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG). We are pioneers in Hygienic Design and an active member of the EHEDG. Our blueglobe CLEAN Plus is the world’s first cable gland to be EHEDG-certified.

Winner of the REINER! Award 2021

The blueglobe CLEAN Plus, our low-priced hygienic cable gland made from polyamide and the first of its kind with EHEDG certification, secured 3rd place in the 2021 REINER! (CLEAN!) clean technology award from the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. Thanks to its outstanding properties, it is a crucial building block on the way to safe production processes.

Application areas

  • Food production, including cleanrooms and fruit juice processing, for example
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Chemical industry

Technical specifications at a glance

  • Cable glands and blind plugs for feeding cables into control cabinets and machines.
  • Designed in accordance with Hygienic Design principles: no cavities, gaps or external threads; smooth surfaces, rounded spanner flats at the pressure screw and smooth contours. Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants, acids, alkalis and condensation.
  • Certified and tested to: e.g. EHEDG standard, FDA (plastic components), GS-NV-2, GS-NV-6, DIN EN 1672-2:2009, DGUV riboflavin test “excellent”.
  • Made from stainless steel or high-quality polyamide – for use in extreme temperature environments.
  • Variants for reliable EMC and explosion protection.

Put your trust in our comprehensive hygienic system

As an innovation driver in the field of Hygienic Design, we pursue a holistic approach. The result is a one-stop, smart, comprehensive system comprising fully compatible cable entry, cable protection and cable routing solutions. Not only our hygienically compliant cable entries but also PFLITSCH cable protection solutions help to ensure a smooth production process. PFLITSCH offers a perfectly coordinated range of hose solutions to meet even the highest hygienic standards. Cable routing in hygiene-sensitive production areas is likewise fraught with challenges. Here, too, the focus is on optimal ease of cleaning. All our cable routing systems comply with the strict hygiene regulations of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Learn more about our portfolio of solutions for hygiene applications

Product portfolio hygienic cable glands

blueglobe CLEAN Plus

Outer parts stainless steel AISI 316L, inner parts stainless steel AISI 303
Including washers
Metric thread according to EN 60423
Type of protection IP 66, IP 68 up to 15 bar, IP 69

CE compliant DGUV certified RoHS compliant

blueglobe CLEAN Plus

Hose with fabric

Abrasion-resistant pressure hose
Fabric reinforced, resistant to pressure, smooth inside and outside
PUR 441
Temperature range: -40 °C up to +90 °C

RoHS compliant

Hose with fabric

Corrugated hose

Corrugated hose, over-extruded, flexible, medium duty
Coated polyamide
FDA CFR 21/EU 10/2011
Temperature range: -20 °C up to +95 °C (for a short time up to +120 °C)

RoHS compliant

Corrugated hose

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Further information

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