Hose cable glands

The need for cable protection

In production environments, cables are often exposed to a range of mechanical, thermal or chemical influences. In order to run them safely and securely to enclosures or control cabinets, they frequently require special protection in the form of hoses. But the cable itself and the inside of an enclosure or control cabinet both need to be protected against external influences such as dust and water as the cable is inserted.

Catalogue Cable Gland – 12 Cable Protection
Catalogue Cable Gland – 12 Cable Protection


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Advantages you benefit from

Hose cable gland tailored to the specific application of each hose

Hose cable glands with the advantages of the UNI Dicht system: outstanding tightness of seal

High protection ratings and above-average strain relief

Hose cable glands with metric and armoured (Pg) threads

Suitable for light to heavy mechanical loads

Hose cable glands

The hose cable glands of the UNI Dicht system are the ideal solution for this purpose. In addition to protecting the hose connector, the sealing insert of the glands also seals the cable up to IP 68 (10 bar), while the entire gland ensures a high degree of strain relief. The hose cable glands are available in sizes from M16 to M50 or Pg 7 to Pg 29, and also in EMC versions or with multiple sealing inserts.

Suitable hoses

The hose cable glands are available for different types of hose:

  • Spiral hose with steel braiding
  • Flexible protective hose with slightly corrugated inner and outer wall with hard PVC spring coil
  • UL hose made of PVC and spring steel
  • PVC hose with slightly corrugated inner and outer wall

Hose cable glands and their individual strengths

UNI SVD hose cable gland, metric/Pg

  • Enhanced strain relief at hose and cable
  • Reliable EMC bonding of a metal hose
  • Reliable cable sealing
  • Advantages of the UNI Dicht modular system
  • The universal solution for metal protective hoses that require a separate cable seal or a robust connection comprising different materials (e.g. brass, stainless steel)

UNI UL hose cable gland, metric

  • Enhanced strain relief at hose and cable
  • Reliable cable sealing
  • Unopenable connection between hose and hose connector
  • Available in several materials (plastic/metal)

UNI hose cable gland, metric/Pg

  • Universal connection of plastic hoses
  • Optionally combinable with hose clamp
  • Reliable cable sealing
  • UNI Dicht modular system
  • Railway version with longer connection support available

Product portfolio hose cable glands

Further information

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