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Hygiene is increasingly being seen as an absolute top priority in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This explains why the manufacturing process and production facilities are the subject of ever greater demands in this regard. As a pioneer in the field of Hygienic Design, we pursue a holistic approach. The result is a smart system of coordinated cable entry, cable routing and cable protection solutions that meets the standards laid down for hygienic production plants. This system enables you to meet the future challenges in respect of hygiene and comply with the highest standards.

What is Hygienic Design?

In a word, Hygienic Design describes the easy-to-clean design of parts, components and production facilities. In hygiene-critical production environments, the prevention of microbial and particulate contamination of products is a key requirement. Geometric equipment design and the choice of suitable materials have a decisive influence on the suitability for clean production.

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The advantages of our Hygienic Design solutions

Comprehensive solutions for seamless safety across all production areas

Our pioneering solutions enable you to meet tomorrow’s requirements today

Easy assembly, simple time- and cost-saving installation

Meet the highest requirements for tightness, strain relief and durability

Fit harmoniously and seamlessly into typical food or pharmaceutical production environments

Thanks to our proven development expertise, we can also create customised solutions for you

The right solutions for every product zone

Food production plants have different zones with different hygiene requirements. In general, the closer the contact system components have with the food products, the higher the hygiene requirements.

PFLITSCH offers a portfolio of solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements.

Product contact zone

In this zone, food can come into contact with parts of the plant and then return to the manufacturing process. For this reason, the hygiene requirements are particularly high here and the components installed must not aid the formation of potential dirt traps. It is precisely such zones that led PFLITSCH to design its product solutions in accordance with the Hygienic Design guidelines of the EHEDG.
The use of high-quality materials that are resistant to cleaning agents plays an important role, as does an adapted design without corners and edges that facilitates cleaning.

Splash zone

In the splash zone, food may come into contact with system components and accumulate there. Easy, hygienic cleanability of the system is therefore essential.
To prevent food sticking, the components must be protected or have smooth surfaces to enable residue-free cleaning of the production sections concerned so that no bacteria nests can form here either.

Product-free zone

Away from the actual food processing, the requirements in this area are comparable to those in a standard industrial environment.
As the food in this area is already packaged, there is no risk of contamination. However, depending on the application, it can still be advisable to use Hygienic Design products from PFLITSCH here.

Our products in food production

1. Z-shaped Wire-tray Trunking

The Z-shape of our easy-to-clean Wire-tray Trunking prevents cables from falling out when run vertically.

2. Corrugated conduit

For reliable cable protection with high mechanical resistance and outstanding flexibility.

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3. CLEAN Pipe adapter

Establishes the connection between the rigid CLEAN pipe and the flexible corrugated conduit.

4. CLEAN Pipe

The rigid, closed and hygienic solution for reliable routing of a small number of cables.

5. blueglobe CLEAN Plus Polyamide

The cable gland for use in demanding hygienic environments, with an attractive cost-benefit ratio

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6. CLEAN Plus blind plug

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For hygienic sealing of unused holes in machines and control cabinets.

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7. Wire-tray Trunking cover

To protect the cables from mechanical influences and from dripping liquids.

8. Wire-tray Trunking

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The solution for open and hygienic cable laying that allows permanent access to the cables.

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9. blueglobe CLEAN Plus Ex e

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For use in environments that place the highest demands on hygiene and explosion protection.

10. Cleanplus

The solution for applications where maximum hygiene safety is essential.

Comprehensive product range

As an innovation driver in the field of Hygienic Design, we pursue a holistic approach. The result is a one-stop, smart, comprehensive system comprising fully compatible cable entry, cable routing and cable protection solutions that meet the highest demands.

Cable entry

Cable entry poses a special challenge in the food industry. Here, fundamental and also highly specific demands are made on cable glands. This is why we have further developed the tried-and-tested, iF DESIGN AWARD-winning blueglobe CLEAN Plus cable gland and come up with the Cleanplus. This gland combines highly developed hygiene properties with improved universal properties.
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Cable routing

Cable routing in the food industry also poses special challenges. The entire cable routing systems are considered with regard to the strict hygiene regulations in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The main aspect here is cleanability. Our open Wire-tray Trunking system, optimised according to Hygienic Design principles, is the perfect solution for clear cable routing, offering variability, durability and great stability. The Wire-tray Trunking is made of stainless steel wire and allows individual routing.
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Cable protection

Cables are exposed not only to mechanical stresses and extreme temperatures, but also to aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents. We offer a perfectly coordinated cable protection range of hose solutions and cable glands to support smooth production processes. Different pressure hoses and a sheathed corrugated conduit are available that are tailored to the application in question. They are temperature-resistant, easy to clean and compatible with the blueglobe CLEAN Plus cable gland.
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The Wire-tray Trunking in practical application: Rothaus brewery

The Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG, producer of the well-known Tannenzäpfle beer, needed to route cables for a new bottling plant. The requirements: hygienic, safe and clear cable routing. The brewery ultimately opted for Wire-tray Trunking from PFLITSCH, not least because of its stability and corrosion resistance. But the customer was also convinced by the installation enabling an individual cable layout. For maximum hygiene, in some process areas parts of the Wire-tray Trunking were even welded with the covers. The Rothaus brewery has relied on our Wire-tray Trunking for 10 years already and has even obligated its suppliers to install it.

Certifications – safety signed, sealed, delivered

We set high standards for our solutions. Take the blueglobe CLEAN Plus, which was the world’s first cable gland to be developed according to Hygienic Design principles and certified by the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). Its successor, the Cleanplus, has also been certified in accordance with the EHEDG’s principles, albeit in accordance with the new, stricter requirements. Like many other products in our range, it too is FDA-compliant and has proven its outstanding hygienic design in numerous tests. For example, its resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants has been successfully tested by the Ecolab laboratory. 

blueglobe CLEAN Plus PA

PFLITSCH products are characterised by a high level of innovation and sophisticated features and this has been confirmed by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. The blueglobe CLEAN Plus cable gland made of polyamide won 3rd place in the REINER! 2021 clean manufacturing award. As the first all-plastic Hygienic Design cable gland to receive EHEDG certification, it meets the strict hygienic and cleaning requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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