The comprehensive system for cable glands:
Accessories and DIN-standard articles

All from a single source, guaranteed fit

Why buy cable glands from a full-line supplier like PFLITSCH? Because the whole system has been carefully thought through from beginning to end, including tools and, in particular, crucial accessories such as lock nuts – also for equipotential bonding – or extensions, reducers, adapters, blind and sealing plugs and blanks as well as smart pressure equalisation elements for enclosures.

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Catalogue Cable Gland – 14 Accessories and Tools
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Advantages of your PFLITSCH accessories

Either specifically developed for PFLITSCH cable glands or tested together with them

Exact fit, long service life and quick installation

Handy accessories for enclosures – material for all work steps

Simple stockpiling and repeat orders – for maximum storage efficiency

Accessories at a glance

  • Lock nuts made of brass, stainless steel or polyamide
  • Lock nuts with equipotential bonding
  • Extensions, reducers, adapters, strain relief devices and sealing rings
  • Accessories for hose connections like connecting pressure screws and hose clamps
  • Blind plugs, blind discs and sealing plugs protect against dust and moisture during pre-assembly and transport as well as after commissioning

Lock nuts for secure fastening, also with equipotential bonding

If you want to install cable glands in through-holes without a thread, PFLITSCH lock nuts are just what you need. Manufactured in the traditional PFLITSCH quality and available in brass, stainless steel or polyamide with a metric or Pg thread.

We recommend our lock nuts with equipotential bonding for use in combination with EMC cable glands. That way, you avoid the need for time-consuming polishing of the contact surface because the teeth fray right through to the bare metal of the enclosure when our lock nuts are tightened, creating a conductive contact. The contact resistance between the cable gland and the enclosure must be of low impedance.

Tip: The lock nut with equipotential bonding is also suitable for vibration-proof attachment of cable glands.

Extensions, reducers and adapters

Your clever little helpers when assembling cable glands: using extensions, reducers and adapters, you can match thread sizes, types and clearances in several directions – metric to metric, Pg to Pg or metric to Pg. Available in nickel-plated brass or polyamide.

Further information

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