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Knowing what customers need before they need it

As a market and innovation leader in the field of cable management, we recognise and anticipate the wants and needs of our customers from various industries at an early stage. We then develop tailor-made solutions based on these needs. Tailor-made does not only mean exactly related to the technical specifications, but also takes into account each customer’s actual requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Product overview
Product overview
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From product to system

The following example shows what this tailor-made approach looks like in practice. When developing a new EMC cable gland, the primary focus is on EMC-relevant criteria such as screening attenuation and current-carrying capacity, which are essential for the customer’s particular application. In addition, we also know from our many years of experience and our close ties with customers that they also expect other key product benefits from our solutions, such as tightness, strain relief and, above all, ease of installation.

The term “solutions” has become very fashionable and runs the risk of being overused. It is therefore time to explain in detail what PFLITSCH means by it.

The solution that really fits

Sometimes it’s simply one solution that we develop for a customer that solves a certain crucial problem. If the solution proves successful in everyday production scenarios, then other customers with similar requirements could also benefit from it. This is how a number of our product developments have gone into series production and become genuine bestsellers. Sometimes, the potential of a solution is so great that this single solution becomes the basis for an entire system, from which we then develop countless variants for all conceivable applications. The PFLITSCH UNI Dicht system is a good example of this philosophy.

Accelerating processes

Our services can help to make your processes more efficient. As part of our component assembly service, we accompany you from the planning stage to the implementation and assembly of your finished cable trunking system. This approach enables us to design the individual layout of your cable trunking system in close collaboration with you on the basis of an initial drawing. At the push of a button, you can then automatically generate parts and order lists from which we manufacture and supply complete, ready-to-install assemblies. Once these configurations have been created, they can then be exactly reproduced or even modified.

Finding the best solution – systematically

This also brings us to the topic of “systems solutions”. We sometimes identify a wide-ranging need for a certain solution – as in the case of EMC, for example. Right from the start, it was clear to us that many of our customers have very similar requirements when it comes to reliable EMC protection. In this case, our goal was to create a system that enables customers to configure their own solution in a way that is best for them.

The all-round solution that leaves nothing to be desired

With our Hygienic Design product range, we have created an outstanding all-round industry solution. We were able to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries by means of two stipulations. Firstly, our HD solutions are designed to prevent contamination from adhering to the greatest possible extent. Secondly, they are simple and straightforward to clean. The decisive factor, however, was that they are suitable for every application – from cable routing and cable entry to cable protection.

Clean solutions for perfect hygiene

We have something against contamination: a fully coordinated range of Hygienic Design solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries that is second to none.
Food industry

We are on the right track when it comes to fire protection

Many components used in the railway industry are required to meet strict fire protection standards – such as the certified fire protection cable glands made by PFLITSCH.
Railway industry

Our EMC solutions really get e-mobility moving

EMC cable glands made by PFLITSCH provide maximum reliability in high-voltage vehicle electrical systems, thereby helping to ensure that electric mobility has a safe future.

Further information

Cable gland

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Cable trunking

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