PFLITSCH split cable glands.

There’s no easier way to insert pre-assembled cables.

For reasons of rationalisation and quality assurance, pre-assembled and tested cables – including connectors, sensors, etc. – are increasingly being used in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the electrical industry. On the one hand, as a user it makes you more efficient.

On the other hand, however, it presents you with a challenge: how do you install these pre-assembled cables quickly and with a minimum of costs? The answer: PFLITSCH split cable glands.

Split cable glands – complete performance

Compared to the solutions otherwise available on the market, here PFLITSCH offers you superior alternatives: the splittable cable glands UNI flange and UNI Split Gland. These products enable you to insert and install single or multiple pre-assembled cables – even retrospectively – through cut-outs and holes in the walls of enclosures. As these solutions are based on the cable gland principle, you also benefit from their proven all-round properties, such as excellent tightness and strain relief.

Catalogue Cable Gland – 05 Splittable Cable Gland Systems
Catalogue Cable Gland – 05 Splittable Cable Gland Systems


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Key advantages that you will benefit from

Insertion of single or multiple pre-assembled cables into an enclosure

Saves time and money as only a few parts need to be installed

The splittable systems facilitate repair and maintenance, even during ongoing production

Several cables, even of varying thicknesses, can be inserted in one cable gland connector

Every model is available as a heavy-duty die-cast variant

All-round properties such as tightness with high protection classes, strain relief and ease of installation

Materials and properties

The UNI flange

Material: available in polyamide and die-cast zinc (heavy duty)
Thread: metric
Outer dimensions polyamide: 149,6 mm x 51,6 mm
Outer dimensions die-cast zinc: 149 mm x 50 mm
The three double nipples each take slotted sealing inserts of size M25
Sealing inserts: TPE-V, T80s
Suitable cable thicknesses: from 2.0 mm to 20.5 mm
Type of protection: IP 66
Strain relief: above-average values in accordance with EN 62444 class A
Temperature range: –20 °C to +80 °C

The UNI Split Gland

Material: available in polycarbonate and die-cast zinc (heavy duty)
Thread: metric
Sizes of polycarbonate version: M20, M25, M32
Size of die-cast zinc version: M25
Type of protection: IP 67 (in accordance with EN 60529) and Type 4X
Strain relief: above-average values in accordance with EN 62444 class A
Temperature range: –20 °C to +80 °C

Splittable cable glands

Due to the growing demand for pre-assembled cables, users are increasingly faced with the question of how to insert them easily and safely into enclosures. PFLITSCH supports you here with two ingenious solutions that leave nothing to be desired in terms of the required properties.

UNI flange

The UNI flange is a two-part framework in which three split cable glands are integrated.
UNI flange

UNI Split Gland

The UNI Split Gland is an individual cable gland in which both the gland body and the pressure screw can be split.
UNI Split Gland

How do split cable glands work?

PFLITSCH splittable cable glands consist of several single components that can easily be taken apart. For installation, they are assembled around the cable or cables, so to speak. Using this method, it is possible to insert pre-assembled cables into existing holes in enclosures without having to dismantle the pre-assembled connectors. To ensure that the pre-assembled cables can also be fed through the sealing inserts of the electrical cable gland, they are fitted with slots on the side to facilitate subsequent insertion.


Sealing inserts

The complete splittability of these solutions was designed as an overall concept with slit sealing inserts as a practical addition. The slit sealing inserts that can be used in the UNI flange, the UNI flange HD and the splittable cable glands UNI Split Gland and UNI Split Gland HD make it possible to easily and safely insert pre-assembled cables. The multiple sealing inserts make it possible to insert multiple pre-assembled cables within a minimum of space, even those with varying thicknesses. PFLITSCH also offers sealing inserts for flat and non-standard cables. Sealing inserts made of TPE-V and TPE (T80s) are available.

Individual hole patterns

Moreover, PFLITSCH offers the “punching as required” principle: Simply state the desired hole pattern and PFLITSCH will drill it for you in the corresponding closed sealing insert. Alternatively, users can make the holes themselves with special drills. The PFLITSCH expanding pliers serve as an installation aid and make it easier to insert the cables into the multiple sealing inserts.


You do not need any special tools to install the split cable glands. We have the PFLITSCH expanding pliers in our range to make it especially easy and convenient for you to insert cables into the slit sealing inserts.

Installation instructions – to make sure that which belongs together is put together

First, place the cables to be inserted in the slit sealing insert of the cable gland connector. That is especially easy with our optionally available PFLITSCH expanding pliers. Then enclose the sealing insert with the cables using the two halves of the split cable gland and hook them together. The gland body can now be inserted into the enclosure and the sealing insert pushed into it. Then place the two halves of the pressure screws around the installation, hook them together and place them on the gland body.

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