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How elegant design becomes possible thanks to PFLITSCH solutions

What makes the design so ingenious are the internal cable glands, which allow unobtrusive, functional insertion of power and data cables. (Photo: InstaLighting)
Users can create their own, customised outdoor luminaires from the housing, light pixels and covers. (Photo: InstaLighting)

The lamp manufacturer InstaLighting is known for its modern and aesthetic lighting. For a new outdoor lighting series, the design concept called for an inconspicuous cable entry that would nevertheless convince with high protection classes, a long service life and simple installation. In order to meet these requirements and the high design standards, InstaLighting looked for a suitable solution and found it in the blueglobe cable gland with detachable inlets in the sealing inserts. 

InstaLighting sets special lighting accents with its beautifully shaped OS4 outdoor luminaire. For over 20 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing integrated systems of luminaires and controls for modern architectural lighting. "For OEMs, we offer individual luminaire concepts with optimal process integration," explains Christian Böhm, Project & Product Manager. As a 100% subsidiary of the Insta Group, which includes the renowned companies Gira (Radevormwald) and Jung (Schalksmühle), the specialist can build on over 20 years of experience: Professional LED lighting was realised as early as 1998, followed by intelligent lighting controls and, for example, the modular NoLimit lighting system. The company has been operating under the slogan "Light as a solution" since 2019.

“Amongst other things, our customers are at home in urban, garden and landscape architecture as well as in the railway industry or in architect’s firms and planning consultants for shopping centres,” says Böhm, mentioning the Doha Tower in Qatar, the KaDeWe department store in Berlin, the Willemsburg bridge in Rotterdam, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig and Wembley Stadium in London as typical reference projects which InstaLighting has masterfully illuminated over the last few years.

Modular technology platform allows individual luminaire design

“Our new OS4 outdoor spotlight is based on our Elements lighting platform and is available in three different sizes for a large number of applications,” Böhm reports. Elements is the modular technology platform from InstaLighting: a building block system of optics, light sources and electronics can be used to configure high-quality lighting tools. The OS4’s superior aluminium housings can be equipped with element light pixels that allow any combination of light colours and optics. Each double pixel can be separately controlled, creating dynamic lighting scenarios that are optimally adaptable to different lighting tasks. “The PFLITSCH blueglobe adds an exclusive detail to our technically and aesthetically innovative OS4 outdoor spotlight and blends harmoniously into the overall look,” emphasises Frank Schiemann, the account manager responsible at WAGNER GMBH, a PFLITSCH agent. “The good cooperation with Engineering Design and Purchasing points to more exciting projects in the future.”

Outdoor spotlight with internal cable entry

“Apart from the striking visual effects, it was technical aspects such as a high protection rating – IP67 as a minimum – a long service life for the installation and the robustness that is vital for outdoor use that were decisive when these luminaires were developed,” Böhm replies when asked about the product features expected in modern outdoor spotlights. “And we were keen to have a cable entry that isn’t at all obtrusive.” The answer: cable glands positioned inside the luminaire. In addition to a tight seal and high durability, a large sealing range also emerged as a clear requirement, to enable multiple cable types to be fed through a single gland and reliably sealed. “The international nature of our applications means that varying cable diameters are nothing unusual,” Böhm comments.
Largest sealing ranges, maximum protection against water InstaLighting installs two blueglobe M16 cable glands in every OS4 outdoor spotlight, to permit separate routing of power and data cables. Any cables from 4 mm to 11 mm in diameter can now be inserted and sealed with the high IP68 and IP69 types of protection. In other words, the blueglobe is not only suitable for continuous immersion in water; it also withstands high-pressure and steam jets. The spherical TPE sealing insert with its removable inlet is the key here. This PFLITSCH concept is unmatched by any other currently in existence and furthermore achieves the highest strain relief, class B, according to EN 62444 – PFLITSCH’s guarantee that luminaire operation will not be interrupted if the cable is accidentally pulled out of the housing. The captive sealing insert lies behind this: when the pressure screw is tightened, it concentrates the sum of the forces optimally onto the inserted cable and encloses it over a large surface. This distribution of forces effectively prevents constriction of the cable sheathing, which is a known drawback of conventional cable glands with a lamellar system. The PFLITSCH cable entries thus ensure a durable and secure seal.
The detailed case study is available for download here.

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