blueglobe TRI passes the Cat. 8.2 test

Good news for all customers using our blueglobe TRI, or planning to do so in the future: it has just passed the Cat. 8.2 test – renewed confirmation of the quality of our PFLITSCH blueglobe TRI EMC cable gland, especially when it comes to cable shield contacting.
The test was performed by GHMT, an accredited testing laboratory. This makes PFLITSCH the only manufacturer of EMC cable glands to date to have passed the Cat. 8.2 test.

What does the Cat. 8.2 test involve?

Cat. 8.2 data cables are Ethernet cables that achieve high transmission speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second. They are mainly used in computer centres for this reason. The test examines whether using the blueglobe TRI EMC cable gland can impair these high transmission speeds. It was established that a Cat. 8.2 cable also complies with the limits laid down by IEC 61156-9 Ed. 1.0 up to 2 GHz when a blueglobe TRI is installed. One point worth mentioning is that, compared to Cat. 7A data cables, the transmission frequency has increased from 1 GHz to 2 GHz and the limits to be complied with are much stricter.