Top award: blueglobe CLEAN Plus Polyamide

3rd place for PFLITSCH in the Fraunhofer Institute’s 2021 clean technology award

We are delighted to announce that we secured 3rd place in the “REINER! 2021” clean technology award from the renowned Fraunhofer Institute with our PFLITSCH blueglobe CLEAN Plus polyamide cable glands.

This groundbreaking development is the first Hygienic Design cable gland manufactured entirely from plastic to gain EHEDG certification. It meets the strict hygiene and cleaning requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

When it comes to technical performance data, the polyamide version of the blueglobe CLEAN Plus is every bit as good as the stainless steel variant – as well as being extremely affordable. This makes it the ideal solution for numerous applications where stainless steel is not absolutely essential, opening up a far broader range of potential uses for hygienic cable glands. That’s why it’s first choice for end users and OEMs alike.

The smooth surfaces and rounded spanner flats are typical characteristics. The gland was designed to avoid gaps or exposed threads after assembly. This reduces the likelihood of dirt adhering to parts or surfaces and leading to the formation of bacterial nests. Moreover, the gland’s excellent tightness of seal and resistance to corrosion as well as to all common cleaning agents make it simple to clean thoroughly.
The risk of production outages due to contamination is consequently much lower and unnecessary cleaning cycles are eliminated. In other words, the blueglobe CLEAN Plus plays a big role in ensuring safe and reproducible production processes.

Our success in winning a REINER! 2021 award is further confirmation of PFLITSCH’s role as an innovation leader and Hygienic Design expert. And we live up to this ambitious claim with a smart system of perfectly coordinated products. Whether for cable entry, cable routing or cable protection, all Hygienic Design solutions made by PFLITSCH meet even the highest of hygiene demands.