PFLITSCH Purchasing: successful together

Competence in cable management begins at the start of the value creation chain

Thinking in new ways and acting to promote dialogue have characterised the work of PFLITSCH for 100 years. Dialogue with customers and markets – as well as sustained cooperation with our partners and suppliers are the basis for "Competence in cable management".

Our internationally active network is essential for us to be able to create the system solutions of tomorrow. Our experts work closely with the specialists at our suppliers to ensure that ideas and requirements are transformed quickly into a perfect series product. The fulfilment of the high requirements of our customers and the top quality of our products have their beginnings at the start of the value creation chain – in Purchasing.

We search together to find optimum solutions. This is how to create high-grade and durable cable entries with proven records on the international markets. Our selected suppliers, their high-grade materials and high-quality products make a considerable contribution to this success.

We think and conduct our business in accordance with the ZVEI „Code of Conduct" and the ethical points of view within it, and expect the same from our partners. The significance of working conditions, social and environmental compatibility as well as transparency, trusting relationships and dialogue are described here.

At PFLITSCH, purchasing is a win-win situation:

Critical not just for price, quality and security of supply

For PFLITSCH it means purchasing and procurement: We strive for win-win situations. If we successfully respond to market needs with good products, our suppliers also profit with growth in numbers of units and higher turnover.

However, the focus of our relationship is not solely on the traditional aspects of price, quality and security of supply. We see our suppliers far more as system partners and close colleagues. We appreciate their competence in being able to work together objectively with us to find solutions.

The sustainable – long-term – and partnership-based qualities of our relationships with our suppliers and service providers are key to successful cooperation. By exploiting synergies in our strengths and know-how, we are able to create long-term competitive advantages. Therefore we look for partners with whom we can take up ideas and further develop technology.

We work with an efficient supplier network on the local, national and international level and thus secure mutual and sustained commercial success. Involved from the start, our partners contribute their skills and know-how to the processes of development and implementation of new product ideas. Become part of the PFLITSCH network!

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

You can download our latest version of terms and conditions of Purchase:

Terms and Conditions of Purchase